How To Run Android Apps On Your Mac Using BlueStacks App Player [Download It Now]

We have already shared on how you can run Android applications on your Windows operating system. If you’re a niche-lover and want to try it by uorself on your OS X systems, then the turn comes to your door steps in the form of BlueStacks. Remind you the mobile app development business is a funny old game, by developing and designing qaulity apps taken an extremely unique skill set up. Often happens when overclocked by a lot of eager people with a computer can throw some code together and bundle it onto the relevatnt app stores for those people to download without having a second though about the experience. Today we are here to let you know about an amazing app created by a true developer, mixed together with flawless design.

Before you go through the topic, especially considering Google have recently announced Google Play Store has over 600,000 Android apps and Apple’s App Store having 676, 186, according to the latest count. Apart this, the guys over at BlueStacks are attemting with their App Player software for Mac, with any package of way to gain additional application exposure can basically classed as the best one.

To coincide with the Google I/O conference, something that has a large emphasis on the Android operating system, BlueStacks have released an alpha build of their App Player that allows Android apps to run and used on machines running OS X. BlueStacks CEO, Rosen Sharma, explains why this company believe that the App Player have the better place in this market:

People are spending a lot of time on their smartphones and want the same experience on all devices.

If you’ve got a Mac and want to run Android apps on it, your time has come, you with BlueStacks has come to Mac, and is supporting 17 different apps, includes the popular news reader “Pulse”. After initial release on Windows, BlueStacks has now been dubbed by some to be “Parallels for Android,” and runs natively on OS X.

In an attempt to gather some of the Google conference buzz in and around the San Francisco area, BlueStacks setup their home across the road from the Moscone Center to try and entice app developers in to work with them to make more apps available on the platform. The goal set to convince developers to prdoce highly polished and functional apps based and can be used on the device. The company is also reporting that they’re looking into hi-res options to work with the latest Retina Display Macs.

The BlueStacks player is a free of charge download for Mac users, and when installed, comes with a library of featured apps that have already had permission from the developers to be included. They reports that more apps should be becoming compatible very soon.

Transform your Mac into Android apps running interface right now with the promise of more app developers being added each and every month to bring additional packages.

While, BlueStacks for Mac is currently in an alpha release, be careful with bugs attack too and straight forward continue with your own. Enjoy!

BlueStacks App Player for OS X can be downloaded from here