Make a Mac OS X Lion Bootable DVD Disc

Make Mac OS X Lion Bootable DVD Disc – How to Guide

The World’s most advanced desktop operating system, Mac OS X Lion has been released by Apple and is available on the Mac App Store. But, there’s a problem – it is available only on the Mac App Store and you have to download it on your macs separately one at a time. Wouldn’t it be great if you are able to install it without downloading it again and again. This tutorial helps you how to burn an image of Mac OS X Lion and install it on all your Macs.
Make a Mac OS X Lion Bootable DVD Disc

How to Make Mac OS X Lion Bootable DVD Disc:

Step 1: First purchase and download the legit copy of Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store.

Step 2: After the download is complete, find the “Lion Installer”, right-click on it and select ‘Show Package Contents’.

Step 3: Now, go to “Contents” Folder, navigate “Shared Support” and find the file named “InstallESD.dmg”. Copy this file to the desktop for your convinience.

Step 4: Now, it’s time to burn Lion OS X onto the DVD. Go to “Disk Utility” and click on the ‘Burn’ option. Now, the “Disk Utility” will ask what you want to burn. SImply direct it to “InstallESD.dmg” file placed on your desktop.

Step 5: Now, insert a writeable DVD and let it Burn.

This is it and you have successfully created a Bootable Mac OS X Lion DVD