How To Jailbreak iOS 6 – iPhone And iPod touch Using Redsn0w Only On A4-Based [Tutorial]

As we already mentioned in our previous post that the final version of iOS 6 has just released and jailbreaking it on your iDevices is now available in a how to jailbreak it step-by-step guide. Before you proceed you have to make your mind clear that it isn’t an untethered jailbreak, iOS 6 firmware doesn’t support it yet and the tutorial you are following is only for A4-based iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod touch 4G and it’s fully tethered and I mean it.

If you are the first time trying it on your iOS device then be careful. In the first foremost step would be saving SHSH blobs of the older iOS 5.1.1 IPSW on your computer using the latest TinyUmbrella 6.00.00 version or by using iFaith. It depends on your own, and Redsn0w updated with a latest version and as being a tethered one you can save 5.1.1 SHSH blobs from the “Extras”.

Keep in mind that, Redsn0w feature that lets you downgrade A5+ devices from 5.1.1 to anything lower (if you had saved blobs). Because if the iOS 5.1.1 window closes, you’ll not be able to downgrade A5+ devices, and will be stuck there without a jailbreak for now.

Apple have taken some design and functionality inspiration from a number of Cydia based tweaks and offerings, the hardcore iOS 6 jailbreak faithful still need to experience that freedom on their hardware. iPhone Dev-Team’s Redsn0w tethered jailbreak works on today’s final iOS 6 IPSW release.

Follow the simple steps below to jailbreak iOS 6 using the latest version of the iPhone Dev Team’s Redsn0w tool. But that doesn’t install Cydia, it has to be installed manually. Before you go through jailbreak process it is always good to perform a full backup of all your important information on the device.

Here are the compatible devices: A4 based iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th-gen only.


* This is a tethered jailbreak, and is limited to the above mentioned devices only. There is currently no untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 yet.

* iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPod touch 5G are not supported by this jailbreak.

* Importanly, if you rely on unlock, do not ever update to iOS 6 for now.

How-to jailbreak iOS 6:

Step 1: Download iOS 6 (OTA) or directly and then update to this latest version by following our instructions posted here.

Step 2: Download the latest version of Redsn0w for the relevant operating system from the iPhone Dev Team blog (Windows/Mac).

Step 3: Extract the downloaded .zip file and save it to a familiar location on your PC or Mac.

Step 4: Run the .EXE Redsn0w file, making sure to run in administrator mode if using a Windows based system. On OS X Mountain Lion, start Redsn0w by Ctrl-Click on the icon and then selecting Open from the new menu.

Step 5: Now select the Extras from option found in the main menu of Redsn0w interface and point to the desired firmware file (IPSW).

Step 6: Redsn0w has advanced dramatically with the last few major revisions and now has the power to whip through the jailbreak without much interaction. Follow the onscreen instructions, like Redsn0w ask you put device into DFU mode, to complete the jailbreak process.

How-to boot tethered on iOS 6:

It’s being an tethgered jailbreak, you will be required to boot into tethered-mode everytime you reboot or restart your device. Starting Redsn0w: click on the “Extras” button on screen and then simply click on “Just Boot” option and follow the same putting in DFU mode instructions. Once done, you will be rebooted back into tethered-jailbreak mode.

How-to install Cydia on iOS 6:

As already mentioned, the current release of Redsn0w doesn’t install Cydia by default. To install cydia, follow the simple steps below:

The following steps to install Cydia is only done using Termina on Mac. Windows can use a SHH program like WinSCP commands.

* Note down the IP address of your device.

* Make sure your device is connected to your PC or Mac. Start Terminal on Mac and type:

ssh root@<IP address of your device goes here>

* It will now prompt you to enter the root password. Type: alpine

* Once done, type:

wget -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/

Once successfully done, the device will reboot and the already familiar looking Cydia icon will be sitting on the phone’s home screen to rejoice. Jailbreak completed with Cydia installed perfectly.

With iOS 6 being relatively new, it will be interesting to see how many Cydia based developers have managed to get updates out for their tweaks and to actually see what packages work with Appleā€™s latest version of iOS without issue.