How To Install WhatsApp On iPod And iPad Without Jailbreak [VIDEO]

This tutorial might help you in an easy way to get WhatsApp installed on your iPad. WhatsApp is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging service you ever decline it. About WhatsApp, we’ve to take some time to describe and is a fantastic messenger application that launched with seamless integration for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other smartphones. Now, the catch comes to the scene, and that is, it doesn’t support any other iOS device other than iPhone. Users of iPod and iPad cannot currently download and activate the application, and will be presented with an ugly error if they intend to try. How to get rid of this? Full details are placed below, check them right after the break!

Without Jailbreaking, here is the way of getting WhatsApp to become fully functional on both Apple’s tablet, the iPad and iPod touch music gadget range. Both doesn’t require a jailbreak? Yes, this would be the best thing about this guide. In the past, there was an WhatsApp alternative called “WhatsPad”, but was a Cydia tweak that certainly require a jailbreak. But this way you simply require a computer, and brief access to an iPhone for the activation part of the setup.

I am an iPhone 4s user and not having an iPad or iPod touch, but no worry I borrowed one from my friend and I made this a successfully process. WhatsApp is fully functional on my friends iPad though. One more thing to say is that I had used Windows PC, rather than Mac. Below are the few differences you must follow.

These are the few minor differences between the process depending on a Mac or PC:

* You’ll need to download the specific version of iFunBox for your operating system. Either Mac or Windows. Download it from here:

* On your Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
* And if Mac OS X 10.6: ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/

* Now on Windows, the file directory to find the WhatsApp ipa is: C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\

How to install WhatsApp on iPad and iPod touch without jailbreaking

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC. Download WhatsApp to obtain the .ipa file.

Step 2: Find the file name WhatsApp from the above folder and copy it to Desktop.

Step 3: Download Connect iPad or iPod to the computer and open iFunbox.

Step 4: Click on “iFunbox Classic” and then select ‘Install .IPA app‘. Now select the WhatsApp file which (just copied on Desktop) you want to install on iPad or iPod touch.

Step 5: Once iFunBox shows up a success message, simply disconnect your device. Now, you’ll see you have successfully installed WhatsApp on iPad or iPod. But don’t open it yet until you finish the activation and the link for the activation process is posted below.

This Video tutorial is from Redmondpie:

Here’s how to activate WhatsApp on iPad

Step 1: Now, on your iPhone delete installed WhatsApp messenger. Afterwards install WhatsApp again, open it and activate it using the mobile number that you’ll be using in WhatsApp on your iPod touch and iPad tablet.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to your Computer and open iFunBox. Select “iFunBox Classic” and on the left side menu, clicvk on “Userr Applications” under the iPhone. Now select WhatsApp from the list of applications. Now you’ll find files under WhatsApp, select both “Documents” and Library. Click on ‘Copy To PC’ and save those selected folders to desktop.

Step 3: Disconnect iPhone and once again connect your iPad and iPod touch. Launch iFunBox Classic, and on left side bar, click the User Applications” under the iPhone. Select WhatsApp from the list, and copy the two folders “Documents” and “Library” present on Desktop and simply paste it onto the WhatsApp folder as shown in the screenshot below.

WhatsApp On iPad
Once the both folder are successfully copied into iFunBox, disconnect your iPad and iPod touch. WhatsApp would be activated and ready for use.

Note: If you are jailbroken, then you might be interested in giving WhatsPad for iPad a try. The tweak is free, and also provides an easy way around the process which we’ve outlined above.