Install Siri On iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, And iPod touch With WordJelly Siri Server

How To Install Siri On iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch On iOS 5.0.1/ 5.1 Using WordJelly Siri Server [Tutorial]

Finally we are here to know that a different vision of thought became the key to achieve an unsorted market without a proxy requirement or adding any sort of channels and complicated stuff needed, you can now install Siri on non-iPhone 4S devices. Details after this jump!

Remind you about the Apple’s iPhone 4S which has been with us since seven months now, means that you have the amazing Siri \personal assistant organizing your digital lives for the same amount of time. Siri along with the iOS 5.0 was implemented onto the iPhone 4S and launched in the past, and those without it lacks of official Siri support which has been very frustrating, even though there are legendary developers who proved themselves that Apple’s assistant performs perfectly fine on older generation devices. Here’s something important to be noted.

Install Siri On iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, And iPod touch With WordJelly Siri Server


To bring Siri on non-A5 chip iOS devices they would have to first jailbreak their non-iPhone 4S devices who have already tried numerous methods to get the personal assistant on their device, most of them used the Spire software released by developer Grant Paul. Unfortunately that (Spire) requires access to a purosely set up proxy server, which needs creators monthly fees to connect to making Siri work and to making it cheaper to just buy an iPhone 4S for official access to Siri. Apart this, there were i4Siri proxy server for Spire activated in the past.

Today the issues which lies to be sorted out is with the existing users of the iPhone who are currently using the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2/1, iPod touches who also want to opt for the same Siri function in their existing iOS device.

An 21 year-old developer known as Rotastrain made an attempt to create the WordJely Siri Server to bring Siri access to all users of iOS powered devices. WordJelly also bills itself as being the world’s mosr advanced Siri servers that provides support for Twitter and Facebook integration along with being able to get access to finacial information and emails, while this part wasn’t made available or supported on official Siri software on iPhone 4S.

How much it will cost you? No! WordJelly Siri server is provided totally free of charge to all who wish to access it via chqwn’s Spire tweak. By supporting native apps such as Music, Note Reminders and SMS apps right out of the box. The creation of text and email messages is also one voice command away though, the ability to call up certain financial info using Stocks app and Social integration is one of the best servers unique selling points, offering users the ability to audibly call up Facebook feeds and statuses or even view specific Twitter timeline activity directly within Siri GUI.

As confirmed that this server is also compatible with the popular AssistantExtensions package that is widely used and available within Cydia.

Note: This operation would only lead to Siri application view, it will not make the Siri operate on the device. For installation instructions, please follow the tutorial below.

Step 1: Launch Cydia and head over to Packages, and click on edit and add sources (Type:

How can you Install Siri on iPhone 4/3GS

Step 2: After adding it, now search for “Spire”. If you are an iPhone or iPod touch user, select the regular Spire. If an iPad or iPad 2 owner please select the Spire for iPad/iPad2.

nstall Siri On iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch With Twitter & Facebook Integration Using Free WordJelly Siri Server

Step 3: I am an iPhone 4 user and this guide is for that users who have 3GS and 4 version iOS devices. After installation, reboot your device.

Step 4: Now navigate to your Settings > General > Siri, now activate it there. Wait its not over yet.

Step 5: It will not activate, so long-press your home button so that Spire to be configured. After connecting to the WiFi or internet. Head over to Settings > Spire and click on it, so that you can be taken to free server proxy host. Type ““.

Spire configuration to activate Siri on non-iPhone 4S devices

Step 6: After doing that, now go to Safari for certificate and type: Jump to settings and prompt to install certificate and click on next and done.

To activate Siri on old generation iOS devices activate certification from Safari

That’s it you have successfully installed Siri on your iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad, and iPod touches 3G/4GS devices following simple steps.