Chromium OS on MacBook Air - How to Install

Install Chromium OS on MacBook Air – How to Guide

Chromium OS is now avilable for MacBook Air. But, How to Install Chromium OS for MacBook Air is the question. This post Guides you to Install Chromium OS on MacBook Air. An UK Based Web Developer and hacker Liam Mcloughlin aka Hexxeh managed to install Chromium OS on MacBook Air and made it available to everyone.
Chromium OS on MacBook Air - How to Install
First we will see What a Chromium OS is. Chromium OS is a Linux-based Operating System developed by Google. It is an open-source version of Google Chrome OS, which basically ditches native applications native application in favour of powerful web apps. The Chromium OS was announced by Google for the Chromebook series of Portable Laptops. This Laptops come with 16GB of Memory Storage with no native applications, but everything happens in the cloud.
How to Install Chromium OS on MacBook Air
Important Note : We are not Responsible for any loss of important Data and the malfunctioning of your MacBook Air, while Installing Chromium OS. At your Own risk, proceed or leave it.

How to Install Chromium OS on MacBook Air :

First, clean up the existing Mac OS X installation before installing Chromium OS on MacBook Air.

Step 1: First, Download the Chromium OS(237 MB). Extract it with a suitable decompression software and burn the Chromium OS image on a USB.

Step 2: With your MacBook Air switched off, plug in the USB on which Chromium OS’s image is burned along with the OS X install drive.

Step 3: Now, hold down the “C” key on your keyboard and simultaneously press the power button. Once you see the Apple logo, let go of the “C” key.

Step 4: Now, a language section appears. Select the language appropriate for you and click on Next. Now, install wizard opens. Here, click “Utilities” and run the Terminal.

Step 5: Now type the folllowing commands and press Enter
dd if=/dev/rdisk1 of=/dev/rdisk0 bs=4m count=512

Step 6: Next, hold down the power button until your MacBook Air shuts down. Now, remove the USB which contains the image of Chromium OS along with OS X installation drive.

Step 7: Now, power on your MacBook Air and wait for around 22 seconds.

This is it and you are done with the installation of Chromium OS on MacBook Air.

This build of Chromium OS isn’t complete: Bluetooth doesn’t work, boot time isn’t as fast as on Chromebooks; Air manages to boot up Chromium OS in 22 seconds versus 8 seconds on actual Chromebooks.

Hexxeh has tested Chromium OS on an 11” model of the latest MacBook Air and suggests that it will work on the 13” model as well.