How To Get More Icons Per Page In iPhone, Here’s Iconoclasm + Springtomize 2 To Set Up!

No more discussions and coming straight to the point on how you can customize your iOS device’s springboard with more stock icons, rather than four of default icons per row and four icons per column, where each homescreen page consists of. Details are simple as followed below, check it after the jump!

In order to get more and more icons more than four rows and column’s, you have to first of all jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, where jailbroken iOS devices have many options in the form of Cydia tweaks or so called jailbreak tweaks, where these are based-on third-party applications created and developed by hackers and developers, to take advantage of those on your iDevices.

So, in that category, now tow most useful tweaks are available to customizing your homescreen called Iconoclasm and Springtomize 2.

Here’s how to setup your device screens with more icons using Iconoclasm / Springtomize 2 from Cydia store.

Step 1: Download and install “Iconoclasm”, “Springtomize 2? and “5×6 Layout For Iconoclasm” or whatever configuration you want.

Step 2: Open Settings app > click on Iconoclasm and apply the setup that you desire on how many.

Step 3: When or If your apps overlap open settings click on Springtomize 2 scroll down to resizing, enable resize icons, then choose an appropriate percentage.

That’s it! Now you can play with it and arrange more than 4 icons per page (5,6,7…!) on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using the Iconoclasm + Springtomize 2 Cydia tweak’s.