How To Disable Lock Screen Widgets And Camera In 4.2 Jelly Bean

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet. Moving between home screens and switching between apps is very smooth. To make lives easier for all android users, here comes the new technical update. It was not that much technically loaded but we can say it as a incremental update for all Android users.

One of the new features included in Android 4.2 is the addition of widgets to the lock screen. From the lock screen ,you can disable widgets and camera access. so that it reduces the occurrence of glowing rectangle animations at edges when screen is turned on. Lockscreen is compatible with all versions of Android. The application is a very tiny, It just occupies 38kb space .

How to start this application?: First run the the application and make selections and click on activate, you should  activate this application in the device administrator  by simply tapping on activate button. Turn off undesired features using the toggle switches. Make sure your lockscreen is enabled to see the results.

When you first start screen on your Android device,you are able to see a white line on either side of the screen.The lines indicate there’s more information on either side of the main screen. If you place your finger on the right edge of the screen and swiping to the left will take you into the Camera app. If you go to opposite edge and swiping to the right it will show you to add widgets or allow you to view any widgets you’ve already added.

To add widgets to lock screen, slide the screen from left to right until you get the card with a plus sign in it. If you tap down the plus sign, you are able to see all available widgets. Select any widgets that want to get locked. If you want to rearrange the widget you can drag and drop it to your preferred location using your finger.If you want to remove any gadget,
just drag the the unwanted gadget to the remove text, which is placed at the top of the application. The widget turned to red indicates it is is removed from the list.

Lockscreen Policy for Android is now available as a free of charge download on the Google Play Store – hit the widget to grab it.