How To Create Animated GIFs With Your iPhone Camera App

How-to? Is the word that every man in the world considers more than enough, that represents a guide / tutorial and today we’re here to show you the same in an unique way of creating animated GIFs with your iOS device Camera app. Photography applications are now a days going hot on the iTunes App Store, with the category being one of the most active in the marketplace and users downloading them with an fully loaded advantages. Whereas developers are keeping up updating and uploading their powerful apps that make use of the embedded camera on iOS devices. The Gif camera app is one of them, now among those photography apps has made available as free of charge by the developer for a limited time.

This isn’t only app available in the iOS Store, but Gif camera basically allows users to create images using the embedded camera on iPhone or iPod touch and then let the app stitch them together into a rather epic looking animated GIF image that will definitely make users squeal with glory and excitement. Honestly to say that Loopcam is yet another free GIF creating app for iPhone, it does the same way as the Gif camera creates animated GIFs using sequences of pictures. You can take several photos using your iPhone camera and convert them right away into animated GIFs.

It’s a pretty genuine one comes with a fantastic free-of-charge app, for now, till the point it gets its $2.99 price tag back. The developer of GIF Camera has opted for the keep-it-smile approach while developing the application, and rather than building in some intricate way to actually using the software, users need to capture frames from the camera with a simple tap before tapping the play button to preview the images and finally saving it. Pretty simple!

Once installed, you’ll be able to create custom GIF images, the app has the list of social sharing feature-set so that users can share their presentation (creativity) with the word with ease. Facebook, Twitter, MMS, Email, Tumblr and QWeibo all have been integrated into the app, along with a number of configurable options for those who want to tweak their work. With the ability to delete unwanted frames before saving the final creation as well as changing the playback speed between each frame, iPhone and iPod users will have it all with this free for limited time Gif Camera app.

With an optional tweak, the developer has added an app feature to search Twitter for the GifCamera hashtag which allows user to view the creations of other Gif Camera posers. So that you can get some idea and able to see what others are creating with the app. It’s pretty good when you create your own unique Gif image that you desire to and surprise with your creativity, which is all set by the capable app.

Download Gif Camera for iPhone and iPod touch [iTunes link]