Here’s A Disposable Phone Number Creator For Your iPhone, Burns After Pre-Defined Time For Secure Sharing

As you all are familiar with the dangers of sharing confidential information online and who happily post their mobile number for the whole world to see of the web’s most frequent sites. Social networks are that services that ask you to input your cellphone numbers and then the secure sharing goes down. This is the reason why we today writing an article on how to securely share your details, or any other important business files through this disposable phone number app.

If you are looking for such number generating app to use it temporarily for such purposes like – disposable digits that would allow us to post them on a Facebook wall without actually, that you know, giving your personal or real number away. In this technology world, the development that progressing at its current rate and many more of us are considering some ultimate James Bond-series implementations like, the facial recognition and fingerprint scanners to detect and such features have pined for, there’s usually a development team working hard to get it done in the coming future.

Burner for iPhone is one of in the unique list and an insanely-intriguing app which allows you to create a throw-away number. Means, disposable (use and forget), the Burner is an app created by Ad Hoc Labs, exclusively aimed towards dating, Craigslist, bands, and other such eventualities in which you might not wish to release your real phone number.

Speaking of Burner app, that lets users to purchase short-term cell numbers that can be used and “burned” in sort period of time. All managed through user’s personal iPhone without giving away the original mobile number. Burner allows you to create a batch of temporary numbers, and when you make a call from them, your recipient’s caller ID will show that fabricated number. If anyone calls to this burner number, then said call will divert straight your real voicemail. Once you’re done with the number, simply  tap the “burn” button, and your faux number will be vanished into the air like ash.

Additionally, within the app users can mange texts and calls to individual numbers, purchase credits to create additional lines, and share those numbers to social networks. It costs just $1.99, and is preloaded with 20 credits equating to 20 SMS messages or 20 voice minutes on a single Burner line lasting a week. If you want more credits though, they can easily be purchased in-app. Users can purchase additional credits or packages to extend the life of a number, or “burn” it at any time.

The app will become available in the Apple iTunes App Store for $1.99 per download. Users start out with three credits, which gives them a single number for seven days of use or 20 minutes of talk time.

Forgot to say: Burner only works with US and Canadian phone numbers, and if you live outside those two countries, please note not to purchase since you’ll be wasting your money.

(Source: Burner for iPhone on App Store)

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