How To Control Apple TV Using Basic Voice Commands [Cydia]

However the Apple TV is an official product crafted as a diversion project for Apple that takes its place behind like of the iPhone and iPad, it is a piece of kit that is becoming popular and projection with more units shipping each quarter. Apple is one of those producers of the best smartphones, gadgets and MacBooks, though the Cupertino is also producing televisions and showed recent signs of taking the Apple TV more seriously with the addition of streaming content such as the iTunes Festival and their own media event keynotes, but until then they add some juice like powerful extensions and features, it may continue to live as the company’s craft creation. Thankfully, the jailbreak world now payed attention to unloved iOS devices and seems possible to control Apple TV using basic voice commands.

Although, the company has started taking this machine more seriously and aimed to provide features that were not available before. Added the iTunes fascination to the device and some keynotes of their own media frontiers, but those additions are not enough to get the fame equivalent to other sibling-products and rival devices already available in the market. Need more to add exciting and fascinating features and extensions into the device to make a big hit. There have been plenty of rumors flying around in the first half of 2012 that suggest Apple may be in the process of bringing out an actual television set that will be voice controlled using the Siri software, but until that happens the next best thing may be integrating voice commands into an existing jailbroken Apple TV set-top box.

In order to get these commands up and running the user will require a jailbroken Apple TV unit as well as a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch that has Siri turned off and reverts to the old-fashioned voice commands functionality. Along with the above mentioned requirements, one more thing that the user need is the aTV Flash. Got all pre-requisites in place, follow the steps below to get up and running.

Step 1: With the jailbroken Apple TV unit connected to a high-definition TV make sure that aTV Flash is installed. From Maintenance-> Manage Extras option, select “install AirControl”.

Step 2: Launch Cydia on the jailbroken iPhone and locate the VoiceActivator tweak that was developed and released by Grant Paul – well known as chpwn. VoiceActivator allows custom voice commands to be set up on the device that then invoke genuine features. Will also help to operate the voice commands over the device.

Step 3: Open the Settings application on the iPhone and enter the VoiceActivator settings. Enable it (tweak) via the given toggle before selecting Add Command.

Step 4: Add the word Home into the command prompt box before choosing the Open URL option. When asked to configure the command, insert the following URL (it will help to direct towards Home screen): http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=1 where IPaddressofAppleTV is the IP address number your Apple TV is connected to on local WiFi network.

Step 5:  Save and exit VoiceActivator settings. On the Apple TV, select option that takes you away from the home screen. For instance the users can select some application or even the Settings option. On the iPhone, press and hold the home button to invoke the voice command feature and say the word “home”. Now the command should be delivered to the Apple TV via the entered URL and magically take you back to the home screen.

The system will work properly if they are synchronized with the same internet server. That means they need to be on same wifi connection. Means, in order for the commands to work and be transferred successfully, both the Apple TV and the jailbroken iPhone need to be connected to the same wireless network. This process would be pretty limited if all you could do was skip back to the main home screen. Additional commands that can be used by the users to make their device more functional rather than just coming back to Home screen are listed below, all of which need to have their own Voice Activator command set up on the iPhone.

Additional commands and corresponding URL:

Menu hold – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=2
Arrow up – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=3
Arrow down – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=4
Select – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=5
Left arrow – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=6
right arrow – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=7
Play / pause – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=10
Fast forward – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=18
Rewind – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=19
Chapter skip forward – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=20
Chapter skip backwards – http://IPaddressofAppleTV/remoteAction=21

(source: AppleTVitalia) (via Redmondpie)