How To Change The Shortcuts On Your Samsung Galaxy S III Lockscreen

The newly released high-end smartphone for this year would be Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X, but my friend asked me who owned a Galaxy S3 about customizing the app shortcuts on phone’s lockscreen, today we are going to talk about changing them, and how can it be possible with faster access to your favorite apps. Details after this jump!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 lockscreen includes four app icons by default, following this step-by-step guide you can access to more than four apps from the lock screen. Here’s how you can now change the Galaxy S III’s lockscreen app shortcuts. This trick will work for all Galaxy S3 smartphones with an ease.

After seeing the above picture of Galaxy S III lockscreen that shows four icons on the screen. Just tap on an icon that needs to be replaced. Now choose from the Application list that shows up after tapping an icon. As you can see the replaced tow icons in the middle, with an Instagram app. This way you can change your favorite icons or so called app shortcuts, like the Phone for calls, Camera for quick access to snap a picture, Calendar to check the date and week and also can be replaced with Contacts, Music files, Video player and many more.

If you wish to add an extra space for more than four icons on the unlock screen, or want to add another row of icons. Sure, you can do so by replacing the lock screen with another one, like Widget Locker, or by rooting your Galaxy S III. If you want you can try it yourself. The best thing in the Galaxy S3 is the TouchWiz unlock mechanism.

That’s it! You can now easily change and replace your desired icons on the default Samsung Galaxy S III, that depends on your thought. If you are a huge text messnager that replace one from the four icon shortcuts with your Message app, and music lover can change it with Music app, quickly access to listen music on the go.