How To Change The Carrier Logo On Your iPhone And iPad With No Jailbreak Required

It was possible with Cydia tweak called Zeppelin that allowed jailbroken users to show any custom logo or a string of accurate text as carrier logo for years. But that ability came with a jailbreak, now thanks to the new CarrierEditor software, that has now been extended to all cellular based iOS devices and a simple carrier settings restore via iTunes. How, you can find out below by following some affordable steps on how to change the carrier logo on any iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking.


* The free of cost CarrierEditor software.
* Any Cellular based iOS device.


Note: If you’re an OS X user, you will be able to grab the downloadbale link, since that the software is currently only available for the Mac machines and it doesn’t look likely that a Windows version will be released anytime soon.

Step 1: Download and run the CarrierEditor application (Mac OS X download link).

Step 2: Select ther Let’s Get Started option from the bottom of the CarrierEditor interface.


Step 3: The software will intruct you about the device info that you wish to cahnge the carrier logo. A guide is given on the interface but users will need to go to Settings -> General -> About on their iOS device to obtain the Carrier Version Number of their hardware. Enter the information into the far provided box and select Next.


Step 4: On the Carrier information page, you got to see two drop down boxes. CarrierEditor will then ask for addition information under the Carrier Information header. Input the device type (iPhone, iPad etc) before selecting the carrier that the device is related to (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile etc). Select Next.


Note that it must be a cellular enabled iPad, if you’re doing this for an iPad, and this doesn’t work for WiFi only iPads or the iPod touch.

Step 5: The next stage is to actually select the carrier logo that you want to be on your device. The CarrierEditor downloaded DMG file actually comes with a number of pre-created options that one can use. Either way you also use a file that you have created yourself or one that has been previously created for use with another app like Zeppelin in Cydia. CarrierEditor comes bundled with ten different Zeppelin carrier logos. Open the ZeppelinLogos folder from the mounted image, and select the folder that contains the carrier logo you want to use. Drag and drop the image file into the provided box before selecting Compile Carrier Update (.ipcc).


Step 6: Now the software will work its magical gesture and dump a .ipcc file on the computer desktop. Once the logo is compiled, CarrierEditor will save both the original and the custom logo to your desktop. Select the How to Install the Custom Carrier Update option.


Step 7: The process requires  a manual restore through iTunes. Make sure the iOS device is plugged into a Mac, open iTunes before holding down the Option key on the computer and clicking the Restore iPhone (or Restore iPad) option in iTunes. A Finder box should open up. Navigate to your desktop where the logo was saved, and select your custom .ipcc carrier file (not the one labeled original) and click open. You will see your carrier logo change on your device, and if don’t see t changed, just make a reboot your device. Finally it will appear as a new carrier logo on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with an ease.

Step 8: If you want to revert back to the original carrier logo, just repeat the step 7, but this time select the .ipcc file labeled original, and then respring (reboot) your device if no changes occur. When iTunes has finished simply reboot the connected device to take full advantage of the new carrier logo.