How To Bring iOS 6 Photo Sharing Menu To iOS 5

Here comes another new Cydia tweak that brings the latest version of iOS Apple’s mobile OS Sharing features to the older version of iOS. Jailbreakers will no doubt be aware that as soon as Apple pushes out a beta version of iOS, the jailbreak community is of course put their hands to implement some of its best features into the current public release.

While Cydia is a third-party apps store only available when you jailbreak your device, now in the form of iOS 6 Photos Menu tweak landed in the jailbreak app store. The tweak itself doesn’t really bring a great deal of new features to those who use it, but it will port into the native Photos app in order to change a few visuals.

NobitaZZZ has released the package to the Cydia store, when installed, it brings a new and improved sharing menu to the Photos app. The menu that has been integrated is pulled from the same app directly which is in the first beta build release of iOS 6 and brings a new visual implementation of the options available to the user. After choosing a photograph via the app, the same time additional action menu button is tapped, the iOS 6 Photo Menu tweak will present an icon-based action sheet to the user, rather than displaying a list of options.

While no other changes will be made in the menu section which contains everything users have come to expect from the Photo app, such as the ability to assign an image to contact in the address book, set it up as a homescreen or lockscreen wallpaper. This time after implementing (installing this Cydia tweak) you’ll be able to attach the image to a text or mail message, and also copying it to the clipboard and print using a wireless printer.

However the two most wanted options to users will be the ability to share the photographs through Twitter and Facebook. Apple already included Twitter sharing as a native option in the Photos app in iOS 5, this time the developer’s chance to include a Facebook sharing option has been pulled directly from the iOS 6 beta. Apple will officially launch iOS 6 final at the end of this year; then this tweak will not that useful though, but you can play with it as an best alternative to the iOS 5 Photo menu system.

iOS 6 Photos Menu Cydia tweak is available to download from BigBoss repository as a free of charge downloadable and requires iOS 5 or above to install it. Enjoy!