How To Access TweetBot’s “Super Secret Settings” On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

First of all knowing about the latest release of Twitter client called “Tweetbot” for iPhone often makes choosing just one a very difficult choice for users. The official Twitter app is a free of charge, basically represents a favorable or hate it situation amongst users with a large number of regualr iOS Twitter users opting to look forward for on-device Twitter usage. There’s many other alternative Twitter-relates applications out there for iPhone users to prefer to, which usually includes the likes of Osfoora, Echofon, Twittelator Neue, Tweetbot and Twitterific.

When talking about the 2.0 version of the popular Twitter app for iPhone Tweetbot has  few months back received an update to version 2.1, iOS users gaining streaming, tweaks to the timeline, improvements for Tweet Marker and bug fixes. Tweetbot 2.1 for iPhone also enabled support for full streaming of your Twitter feed using the official API with a “Pin to Top” functionality, much like Twitter for Mac. Following up the Tweetbot for iPad’s update also added streaming as well on Retina support for the new iPad (3rd-gen).

The day the popular iOS developer Tapbots has released an update to its highly regarded Tweetbot for iPhone and iPod touch Twitter application with an extremely polished and complete upgrade.

Actually, the Tweetbot was first launched on April 2011 which was regard to the highly customized user interface, sound effects and the use of innovative gestures to activate certain features, but some finishing touches were missing from the app which held it back.

The official list of changes in version 2.0 details significant changes to the user’s timeline and direct messaging system with the Tapbots’ blog offering the following change log:

    • Updated timeline view
      • Image thumbnails in timeline
      • Links now colored and single-tappable
      • “Retweeted by” bar now integrated and tappable
      • Cell colors adjusted for better contrast
    • New direct message view.
    • Redesigned “New Tweets” bar (Can be dismissed by tap and configured in Settings > Display)
    • Timed auto-refresh (timeline, mentions, and DM’s will refresh every 5 minutes)
    • Readability added as mobilizer service
    • Much improved tweet replies view
    • Links in user’s bio now tappable
    • “Huge” font size option in Settings > Display
    • Improved scrolling performance

The new direct messaging system offers a visual upgrade along with a new streamlined view which made reading DN conversations a lot simpler and makes the private messaging side of things more unique like instant messaging conversation which is how it should have been always in public opinion. The timeline and DM view also get a new automatic refresh feature which pulls in new tweets, notes and messages every five minutes as long as the app is opened and active online.

The draw back of the earlier version of Tweetbot was the way the application handled links, which were embedded within tweets. So, the user had to select a link and click the tweet once to ‘activate’ it, and select the link itself to actually redirect to the URL. This was removed in version 2.0, with links highlighted in blue color and can be activated with a single tap.

In the version 2.1 of Tweetbot, you can disable streaming and the pinning functionality in settings, and the iPad version is more welcomed.

The new features of Tweetbot for iPhone include the following:

  • Streaming (when on WiFI with settings to disable it)
  • The “new tweets” sound is now limited to mentions, DM’s, and new tweets via pull-to-refresh
  • Double-tapping on the timeline tab button takes you to last read tweet before going to the top
  • Improvements to the Tweetmarker service
  • Bug fixes related to direct messages
  • Many other bug fixes

In fact, majority of users prefer the default Twitter client because of its sleek UI and extensive customization options. Tweetbot fans are welcomed to know more about the secret section in the Twitter client, that was discovered as ‘Super Secret Settings‘.

The official iOS App Store is packed with the best apps that allow users to access to their Twitter accounts, with one of the most popular options without any doubt being the Tweetbot app from Tapbots. This time you all know by now, Tweetbot offers a large number of features and options, but remains simple enough to be used by any sort of user.

The extensive account settings and option on Tweetbot would be one of the greatest things ever, it offers which allows any attached account to be emended and set up to suit individual flavors and requirements. While the personalization is pretty much offered, ranging from the size of the text in tweets cells to setting up additional sharing accounts as well as the tweet marker service to ensure seamless synchronization between multiple devices.

The secret option section was discovered by EvilPenguin, who tweeted in his Twitter account and says, tapping both sides of the settings page three times you will be taken to an advanced options section not meant for average eyes.

In order to take advantage of the Super Secret Settings page you will be able to toggle What The Trend, WWAN Streaming, Open Notifications and enable logging for debugging purposes.

already downloaded Tweetbot, set up your Twitter account and have altered the settings to suite your needs, the time comes in your path. But wait, that might not be entirely accurate. Adding the Easter egg into software is not a new practice though.Developers all over the world regularly add hidden features into their apps. In the Tweetbot case, seems that the dev’s have fixed with some advanced features, which they don’t want you to know about.

Ready and want to access secret settings page on any normal installation of the Tweetbot app via standard settings page? By using few simulations right and left tap gestures you are in to do so, by accessing the Accounts & Settings page, scroll the way down to the bottom and tap three times at the same pn the right and left hand side on the screen. A new screen will appear immediately containing additional debugging and authorization settings.

Here’s How To Access Tweetbot’s Super Secret Settings on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Step 1: Download Tweetbot, install on your iOS device from the App Store for a price of $2.99.

Step 2: Next, Launch Tweetbot from your Springboard and go to the Settings page.

Step 3: In Settings page, scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap left and right corners simultaneously three time of your device screen.

Step 4: Congratulations! You are now in the Tweetbot’s Super Secret Settings page.

It might make many wonder how popular App Store apps have additional, hidden and secret options in them like this Twitter client. Enjoy!