Hotspot Shield VPN For iOS Protects Connection, Brings HTTPS To Your iPhone – Download Now!

AnchorFree’s step towards distribution of its virtual private network the Hotspot Shield to iOS devices that secures mobile browsing activity as well. This would be the most popular VPN app landed into the Apple’s App Store. Being a security-conscious web surfer – or be an International traveler who would like to maintain access to US-based video streaming or voice services, then you are pretty be one of those million users of AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield already, one of the best and leading consumer Virtual private network (VPN services. We would say something that make sense to use it on your devices.

Hotspot Shield, better known as provider of a free VPN service for secure and private connection on desktop landed on iOS devices with a brand new mobile application. The VPN app, compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, giving user the peace of mind of using Hotspot Shioeld’s popular VPN service no matter where they are.

Reminding you, that Hotspot Shield and Tor Project dominate desktop VPN services, the mobile arena is wide open for anyone to jump in and take the lead. That said, it doesn’t take a genius to work out why bringing Hotspot Shield to iOS is a good idea. Anchor Free’s Hotspot Shield has been around for quite some time on the desktop, with the app offering a way to create a secure Virtual Private Network, or VPN from your machine to another.

Offering couple of advantages, the major one would be the security. What do you expect from Hotspot Shield VPN? It turns any HTTP session into a secure one, or HTTPS. Would be a extraordinary thing if you’re a kind of person that often visits places where public WiFi is available – you don’t want to be hitting your bank’s website from an unsecured WiFi network, just in case those nasty bad guys are listening in on your packets.

The new Hotspot Shield iOS app doesn’t only give users private and secure browsing on the go, it also acts as a bandwidth compression service  – meaning your data plan can go a little bit further when using the app. In the past times you’re on your carrier’s 3G network, or just asking and barrowed the free WiFi from your local McDonalds or Starbucks, and you’ve signed into a website, that wasn’t a secured one as you thought. So, chances are pretty clear, login details can be stolen, isn’t it?

Then comes Hotspot Shield, helps you to protect in that regard, thanks to that VPN service we’re talking right now.

Hotspot Shield’s 10 million user-base is made up of privacy-conscious consumers as well as activists in the Middle East, China and elsewhere, all using the service to ensure a secure browsing experience.

The Hotspot Shield app makes it easy to secure iOS devices, offers a data plan-busting data compression feature which will, obviously enough, compress images and the like with the aim of reducing the amount of data you receive. Perfect if you’re roaming!

Note: The principles of a secured VPN are very straightforward. When you connect your computer to an unfamiliar network (wired or wireless), all your traffic back and forth is readily visible to anyone sitting on the same network segment; in the case of a public hotspot in a coffee shop, library or hotel, you might be sharing way more than you mean to. While many websites guard against snoopers by digitally protecting the login process with SSL encryption (that’s the “S” in https://, indicating that the conversation between you and the remote site is protected), even that may not be enough to cover the bases.

There’s already a VPN client connection tool built into both iOS and OS X, so you’re free to use most available VPN services with your Mac or your iPhone/iPad. The Hotspot Shield app itself is absolutely free, but if you want to use it beyond the initial 7 day free trial, then you’ll need to pay a fee, with bundles for a month or year available via the app.

The app runs gracefully in the background, protecting all your traffic (the app press release even cites iMessage exchanges as being guarded, but those already are covered by TLS encryption).

Download Hotspot Shield for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]