Here’s The Windows 8 Surface Phone Concept, The Smartphone Which Microsoft Should Make [IMAGES]

The fact that Microsoft has announced a Surface tablet to put the iPad in competition but the picture of a smartphone surfaced rumored that the company is readying to release a phone to compete with the Apple’s iPhone.

While there are artists to design concepts for the upcoming smartphones, and other products, but this Win 8 phone surface concept looks amazing. While Microsoft recently uncovered a pretty good looking tablet, named it Microsoft Surface. Powered by Windows 8, the Surface looks like it will be a best competitor in the tablet world when released but it can’t digest when thinking of Apple tablets.

After the official announcement of the Surface tablet, many speculated questions arises that Microsoft is planning for Windows Phone 8 powered surface smartphone? As a technology fans and smartphone users, we have been seeing designers knocking up concepts for what they believe the next-generation iPhone will look like, similar to Surface phone.

A designer called Jonas Daehnert at DeviantArt has posted image of what that device might look like. Turned his attention to a Windows Phone 8 smartphone mockup.

He imagines a possible quad-core processor with a whopping 2GB of RAM, coming with either a 32GB or 64GB internal storage option. The back of the device would feature a 16-megapixel camera capable of full high-definition video recording that is viewable on the beautiful 1280×768 resolution display.

See the concept Windows Phone 8 Surface Phone in high quality pictures below here:

But we can agree with his actual external beauty of the concept though. If the Windows Phone 8 Metro styling looks detachable on the display with the outer body screaming elegance and luxury. The best concept design made by him attracted me, and if the manufacturers choose to build a smartphone like this it defenitely compete with the iPhone.

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  1. With the “HTC windows phone 8x” microsoft already has a
    signature device. So I don´t think they will release an own

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