Zone to check out this "iPhone 5" back cover hands-on video right now

Here’s The Purported iPhone 5 Back Cover Gets The Hands-On Treatment [VIDEO]

I am a bit tired of iPhone 5 rumors, because a new band new video has apparently surfaced which appears to confirm that the next-generation iPhone will obviously be larger than the previous models, with a new layout of buttons and connectors.

Here’s the third-party supplier eTradeSupply on YouTube shows off  iPhone 5 that appears to be show that Apple is indeed increasing the size of its smartphone’s screen from the current 3.5-inch, reportedly to a 4-inch mark. To compete with the Android falgship phones in line often sporting screens of 4-inches and above.

Zone to check out this "iPhone 5" back cover hands-on video right now

Using the meta ‘band’, the rear plate and the screen, the current iPhones are constructed with, and this new parts is in fact genuine, then it appears that Apple is stepping forward from this system instead deciding to reduce the number of parts used.

After seeing the clip of the third-party parts dealer, who appears to have gotten its hands on one of these “iPhone 5? back covers. That doesn’t provide any new information, but it dies give a much better look at the component. While the back plate and the metal band are one and the same, theoretically making the device more rigid but also making it more difficult to get into. The piece is both longer and thinner than its predecessor, and features a relocated headphone jack and a much smaller charging port.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to customize their iPhone with a new rear plate, then you may be out of luck. With the new, smaller Dock connector which worth nothing. The 30-pin Dock connector has been around since the iPod made its appearance, but it seems that Apple is all set to redesign how we’re connecting our iPhones to computers for syncing and indeed, charging.

Note: It’s a known fact that Apple floats around fake parts and prototypes to help expose leaks in its supply chain. While the Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had recently made it clear that his company was going to start taking its already-notorious secrecy policy to the next level.

Apart this, less interesting is the news that the microphone jack seems destined for a new position on the bottom of the device, which may or may not be to your taste.

Whatever it looks like, the sixth-generation iPhone is expected to drop sometime this fall with major features, including a 4-inch display, might be Retina screen, LTE compatible and other redesigned improvements.

Its not yet clarified that Apple would change the construction of the new iPhone, whether that larger screen is going to happen true or not. With the iPhone 4 and 4S features with the same industrial design, will change this time around? It’s would be a fake iPhone 5 back cover, what do you think? Via IDB