Here’s How You Can Access Your Instagram Feed From OS X’s Menu Bar With InstaBar App

Today we’ll talk about an instant picture bar that lets you access all your Instagram feed directly from OS X’s menu bar. Instabar for OS X would be the best solution for the slated one, and you have noticed how popular Instagram is, it has made an woofing impact in the app world to prompt Facebook to shell out the better part of billion dollars to help them improve their mobile platform. It was the best in uploading images to your network through the official Instagram app, but lacks quick access to the service while sitting in fronnt of your desktop. That is the reason why, we published this awesome Instabar for all Mac users that can serve all in top with what’s popular Instagram world needs.

Although the Mac App Store has pretty number of top most and most future packed Instagram apps that make great and extensive use of Instagram API. Instabar is yet another fresh release to the service on OS X and basically gives almost instant access to the popular feed for a timeline directly from the Menu Bar on Mac machine running OS X Lion and above. This creation that offers too much can detract from what users actually want.

Being a Mac app fans may already be aware of the professional version of InstaBar that was actually introduced to the Mac App Store about a week ago for $0.99. With a free version just followed the release up by the developer of the software that comes bundled with the similar fashion and usability, but has a limited feature set in comparison popular page of Instagram that has selection of images from random users that have received a large amount of likes from other members.

Paying a dollar will net you the pro version. Same sryke, same Menu Bar access, but additionally have to log into your own Instagram account and see your own feed as well as helping other users onto the popular page by linking their uploads. Comments have been disabled either on free or pro versions so, that feature is totally offline. Now that really matter on a simple app that is specially designed to remove the clutter and allow Instagram lovers to connect visually with images alone?

Being an Instagram user.It’s your personal social network of choice then you got to check out Instabar on the Mac App Store.

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