GreenWave Reality WiFi App Starts Shipping With Controlled Light Bulbs With Motion And Smartphones [VIDEO]

GreenWave Reality is the company that introduced with its new NXP internet-based wireless light bulbs technology earlier this week, which has been exclusively designed to enable users to seamlessly control and automate lighting through a handheld remote or smartphone WiFi application.

Have you ever wonder seeing connected light bulbs before, now, the GreenWave Reality’s just-shipping Connected Lighting Solution. The new light bulbs created by GreanWave Reality are equipped with JenNet-IP network layer software from NXP Semiconductors. Eco-friendly LED bulbs in the lineup include support for WiFi and are immediately controllable from a smartphone or tablet as soon as they’re receiving power, allowing them to be used straight from the box without the need for any re-wiring.

What can it do in action? Watch this YouTube video in action after this break:

Basically, controls like group presets and timed lighting are just the start upo; if you aren’t worried about leaving anyone in the dark, the bulbs can respond to motion sensors and only illuminate the rooms that need attention.

Explained as:

By simply screwing in the bulbs, consumers can immediately begin to control their lights. The solution comes pre-configured with “home,” “away” and “night” Smart Controls. For example, before bed, consumers can simply press the “night” Smart Control to turn off all lights, eliminating the need to go from room to room to turn lights off.

Consumers can also create their own custom Smart Controls to fit their lifestyle, such as having outdoor lights automatically come on at dusk and turn off at dawn, and even integrating with motion sensors to automatically turn lights on or off when entering or exiting a room. For added convenience and safety, the solution is “light switch friendly,” meaning that existing wall switches will still turn the lights on or off in all circumstances.

GreenWave Reality is now shipping their WiFi app controlled lightbulbs within Europe, with electric utilities in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden skipping the retail middleman by selling directly. Will soon start shipping worldwide in the coming months, as its product is already certified for the United States market.