Google X Phone Leaked With Specs In Detailed Set Of Images

Google in the past acquired Motorola Mobility with a $12.5 billion acquisition, which has yet to be bared with, but it’s fair to say that the Big G has yet to really utilize this most sizable purchase. The search giant starts to phase out Motorola’s solo efforts to launch devices that it had a hand in developing, not the boring cell phone, rather the future is all about “phones-plus”. Much speculation has pertained to a so called “X Phone,” perhaps accompanied by an “X Tablet” to match, but as yet, these reports have remained unknown.

Shots of the leaked X Phone envoloped in a squared-off case were uploaded by evleaks a couple of days ago, but the high-res images had already been leaked earlier this year interpreting the device in all its glory. The first such handset is the highly anticipated X Phone, which was actually pictured in a protective case on Thursday evening. While a set of detailed photos of leaked handset published previously may in fact have already revealed the X Phone, which could be ready to debut later this month.

Moto-X Phone - Google
The leaked images by Tinhte and @Evleaks appear to be legitimate Motorola X prototypes according to the source. published a series of images of an unspecified Motorola device back in March, but the tech world was quick to dispel any notion that the device was indeed the elusive X Phone. Although, these latest evleaks shots suggest that in fact, that it actually was, and the device wasn’t as much “elusive” as thought.


After seeing the photos, the X Phone is shaping up to be very sleek handset with a larger display that rarely reaches the edges of the device. The guys over at 9to5Google tout the X Phone as bearing a 4.7-inch display, and no other blog has specified any resolution, but one would presume Google would commission nothing less than 1080p for what is quite an anticipated handset. However, looking at the rear of the phone in these pictures, the handset doesn’t seem to have the same texture like the Samsung Galaxy S4, but seeing as the Google X Phone is tipped to come in over 20 colors and protective skins.

The leaked X Phone specs reveals that the device also looks set to pack in a reasonable 32GB of storage capacity, 2 GB of RAM and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, or maybe 4.3 if you’re lucky enough. Both volume and power buttons are on the right side. Headphones jack is on top center, charging port was on bottom center. Finally, the device doesn’t have implemented with an external SD card slot!

The phone will reportedly ship with protective skins available in 25 different colors. But that renmains unclear that, when exactly we’ll be seeing this X device hit the consumer market. Reports surfaced that it would be all that surprising if Google decided to announce it at this year’s I/O keynote, set to take place this month. (via: 9to5Google)