Google Releases New Inbox App For iPhone And Android, Download It Now [Video]

Talking about the latest standalone email app which Google has announced, called ‘Inbox’, developed by Gmail Team. Technically, it servers as your Gmail client, but on the other hand offers an experience nothing close to contemorary ones. Inbox is a service available on the Web (Chrome only), and its supposedly a morer inherently-clever service that handles your emails and launched as an app for iOS 7+ and Android 4.1+.


Inbox, unlike Gmail, sort out on its own intelligence to give you information in a manner that will not need you to open an email – well! Not all of them at least. User interface is similar to Google Now design language, where, the Google Now-style cards are used in the Inbox, appearing in line with your message list. Cards that offer details of things like flight timings, package tracking, and even photos.

Inbox bundled with similar email like purchase receipts, bank statements, bills et al and not only that, rather depennding on how you treat different kinds of emails, the app will learn from the choices you makes as well. Bundles, that groups emails by category, which in fact means that all the Gmail related to one topic are neately grouped altogether so that you can easily and quickly review and then delete by swiping.

Eventually, Inbox focuses on key information in your emails as well, such as flight itineraries, event information, photos, documents etc. Tracks information and highlight it for you, and even further offer to fill in more info to the original emails. For instance, it can include the real-time status of your flight, or even package deliveries.


Inbox app also got “Assists”, that integrates real-time updates from the Internet Web directly into the email and makes a restaurant reservation online, with maps to your confirmation email and if you book a flight online, it also gives you a link to check-in. Reminders on the other hand, integrated in Inbox – so that users can focus on prioritized taslks as well, or for that matter you can keep a better track of things from one centralized place.

Google will provide you with handy assists. Adding a reminder to call a shop will yield in a phone number for that particular location and when it will be open. Assists will work for your emails as well and Snooze will let you dismiss both messages and Reminders temporarily.


Inbox by Gmail is an invite only service at the moment and its touted as a mixup between Mailbox and Google Now. You can also email at to sign up for an invitation.

(Download: Inbox for Android / iPhone)