Google Now Reportedly Headed To Chrome Desktop Browser, Complete With Card Reminders And Notifications

Google Now in today time is currently only available to Android Jelly Bean toting users, which may be heading towards Chrome desktop web browser soon as reports surfaced that popular Android notification and search service is planned to hit the desktop browsing. Check out the details after the jump!

Of course, Project Butter isn’t the only positive enhancement presented to Android recently with Jelly Bean, but the introduction of many new features and apps – particularly Google Now – have been defining factors, brought a much smoother, much more streamlined experience to the Google’s Android operating system.

If Google Now for Chrome browser arrives then the service designed by Google for Android latest operating system version 4.1.x Jelly Bean will provide users with information based on their location, time or other settings depending on their preferences. Google Now can be seen in action as an introductory video created by Google, which is now available to view below this post.

Now that, Google is preparing to bring its Google Now predictive search service from the Android platform to its Chrome web browser. Google Now is currently bundled with Google search app for Android 4.1 and later, but code spotted by developer François Beaufort has revealed that Google may have bigger plans for its Google Now service.

François Beaufort who has discovered comments in the Google Chromium code stating that Google Now will be reportedly implemented into the Chrome OS desktop notifications. Enabling user to use Google Now on their laptop devices with the official service keeping them updated with relevant information depending on their current locations. We certainly hope a recent entry to the Chromium project code – entitled “Show Google Now notifications in Chrome” – is an overt indication of things to come. There’s also a note of “Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation,” also indicative of Google Now and Chrome perhaps taking their relationship further their current position as mere colleagues.


Officially, no other information has landed on the release date and the availability of Android’s Google Now integration on Chrome web browser for desktop by Google yet. Soon as we get any we’ll let you know through an update.