Google Maps For iPhone 5 On iOS 6 Devices Released With Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Transit & Street View [Download Link]

Finally, the wait is over now. Months after Google Maps rudely kicked off of iOS 6 devices, Google’s mapping software once again back with retribution.

Ever since iOS 6 wrap up with Google’s mapping application in favor of Apple’s own in-house solution users have been waiting for it to return. No doubt at this moment that Google Maps is the best solution for maps and location software in terms of business and regrettably, Apple Maps is some way off the current required standard.

Admiringly, that wait for Google Maps to return to our iPhones and iPod touches is finally over, with Google today officially releasing the final version of Maps app to everyone who needed it. A free download via Apple’s App Store, Google Maps for iOS is not very real, but it’s very much here, and thankfully, still pretty much awesome. It features turn-by-turn navigation, directions, Street View, and imagery, but not the 3D Mapping.


Along with the sixth-generation iPhone was announced as – the iPhone 5, Apple’s Maps has been in for something of a kicking since it stepped out into the limelight of iOS 6. Supposedly partly to blame for some, the iOS 6 mapping solution even required an apology from the Apple CE Tim Cook due to its lack of polish and frankly, lack of accurate maps. Google in either way have now such problems or issues these days, having had years to perfect not just its maps, but the greetings and whistles that go along with them. After a long time, now we can enjoy the Google mapping experience on our iOS 6 devices, just like the good old days. Left behind!

The Google Maps app see the Google’s delight and joy to a device that was the first actually bring mobile maps to the masses. I am the one who abound to rely on Google Maps to get around, with transit information proving largely popular amongst daily travelers in large cities. Playfully, it’s this area which saw Apple’s maps fall down the hardest, leaving the Apple loyal begging for Google’s solution to return.

Now, being a big fan of Google Maps, we heard that it might move away from iOS earlier this year. It looked like Apple with its 3D Maps and Apple Maps will gather pace and improve considerably in the coming years, but right now, here, it’s all about Google Maps as far as we’re bothered.

Here’s what Google Maps for iOS looks like, and we’re just pleased to see Apple hasn’t yet gotten the Google Maps’ way!

Google-Maps-for-iOS Google-Maps-for-iOS 6



Google Maps for iOS can be download from here. But still only available for iPhone now.  Optimistically support for iPad will be added in future release.