Google Maps For Android Gets A Big Update For Maps, 3D Mapping On iOS With Offline Mode [Video]

After some significant changes made to its mobile Maps apps, Google has just announced along with both offline mode and 3D maps heading to Android and iOS soon. After Apple’s rumor surfaced on removing Google Maps from their iOS list, Google trying to get it back with awesome features like 3-D mapping and some great and wanted ones and made its way for the launch.

Similar to the actual news about the Big G’s purchase of Quickoffice – just after it was revealed Microsoft would finally come up with own Office suite to mobile, the same happened with the updated G-maps app. While the Apple was planning for several months to ditch the stock Google Maps app within iOS in favor of its own, in-house solution, and with 3D mapping with courtesy of C3 Technologies, being one of the major features, now Google is lloking to retain its actual position in the mapping market.

While to take mapping to a new dimensions, 3D mapping will quite litarally offer stunning visuals in a more feature-rich consumer experience. With the bird-eye view, Google would be in the top place and willing to maintain that influences with these large updates.

The offline 3D mode mapping capabilities obviously be music to the ears of those with abnormal connections. While for both iOS and Android versions of the app will definitely step forward, meaning the work can be planned and locations can be discovered regardless of whether you’re connected to the internet or not (Offline).

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If a device has a compass, Maps will utilize that in aiding navigation wherever a cellular or Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, which could clearly allow your smartphone devices to earn its “smart” moniker. In the already released beta of “Labs” for Android of course gives us a little indication of the map-related Google software and features like Street View, directions and navigation, and how its going to work.

In Labs, you can easily enable offline maps by saving a portion of a local area – currently limited within a 10-square miles area. Note in Google’s track record for delivering in this field, and however those boundaries will reveal when the upcoming iOS and Android updates arrives or lands directly into the App Store or market. Know more about “New 3D imagery for Google Earth for mobile” from here.