Google Earth For Android App Gets Updated With Improved 3D Experience, Faster Mapping and More



Here comes Google with a new updated version of Google Earth for Android, now offering 3D rendering technology and also giving map-making user easy access to their MKL files either. Noticed that, Google Maps is constantly upgraded with new features, but it’s been 10 years since their has been a major overhaul. Apart this, Google has released a primary update to its Google Earth on Android and the best feature of this newer one would be that it now highlights mountains, cities, rivers in the map. Full details after this fold!

Google Earth is one of the top maping solution till date for “faster, smoother, crisper” experience, that’s promised and now, Google is giving us when it comes to transitions and browsing through the Google Earth app. New 3D rendering is that, makes you feel like you’re actually skydiving into the places you’re looking at, could be a New York City downtown or the Eiffel Tower or any you desire.


Google in a company blog post.

Starting today, you’ll see faster, smoother, and crisper transitions as you’re zooming into your dream destination in Google Earth. Thanks to a new 3D rendering technology—the first major 3D overhaul since Earth launched more than 10 years ago—sharper views of mountains and cities are just a virtual skydive away.

Additionally, the Google Earth will now receives basemap updates at the same time as the GMaps. So, that mobile device users will be updated with information like place names, roads, and business much exploring than ever before through the Android app.


Finally, the latest update for Android introduces support for opening KML files for custom maps directly from Google Drive. You don’t need to open your desktop and laptop just to be able to view the maps now.

With the 3D views comes with a Tour Guide to spotlight different must-see places as you travel, and optional layers are also integrated from sources like Wikipedia to add more context, which are apparently available for the Earth app for Android. Google Earth with more 3D updates will be added in the next few months, so we can expect a bunch of updates over the next few weeks, then.


Users can now download Google Earth for Android with 3D tech free from the Play Store.