Google Drive For iPhone, iPad Launched, Officially Available For Download [Docs Gain Offline Editing Support]

This is the big annual Google I/O conference ever had so far, with announcements and releases of Google Chrome and Google Drive for iPad and iPhone finally launched and made available to download from the Apple’s App Store. Details after the jump!

Google considering the need to offer native experiences of their service to millions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners around the world. Today, Google steps forward and announced the official Google Drive app for iOS along with an update to Docs which gained offline editing support to users as well.

Various software and hardware related introductions were made at the Google I/O keynote, first with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean unveil running on Nexus 7 tablet, then the release of new apps, specifically the ones that actually provide a good mobiler solution for services that are sued regularly. Kept in mind, Google has announced the immidiate release of their Google Drive app onto the App Store. The Drive service, which offers cloud-based storage, similar to iCloud, allowing users to store and share their files anywhere on the go, a similar service to Dropbox or

The official app available now will give users the ability to access and view any uploaded files in their Google Drive folder. The app additionally allows any dicuments that are stored in a corresponding Google Docs account to be viewed, a service that is perfectly fit in a pretty nice manner with the announced updates to the Docs service though. The new Drive app allows documents to be viewed natively on the device and edited immediately, with the added bonus of offline editing thanks to the announced changes.

When opening a document either from the Drive folder or through a Google Docs account, the Drive app has a small toggle that determines whether or not it should be available offline. If any changes made or selected to the document when no internet connection available will be cached locally on the device and then afterwords pushed back to the cloud when an internet connection is activated. About offline editing was talked for a while but is an extraordinary welcomed addition to be already capable Google Docs system.

The iOS Google Drive app comes with two different user-inrterface designs, with one being specially optimized for the larger iPad screens and the second one which is designed for the iPhone. With a simplestic and extremely functional, both designs brings easy to follow navigation with full-screen photo support for viewing images that are embedded within documents or have been uploaded to a Drive account. Google Drive is available for download from the link given below.

Remind you, that now the Google Docs is a part of Google Drive!

Download Google Drive for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [iTunes Link]