Google Docs Editing Now Available Offline

Google has announced a worth noting step by turning Google Docs online editor to a offline Doc editor, if you being a Google Docs user then this is a pretty good news. Google actually revealed the Google Drive for iPhone and iPad went to the App Store after announcement was made at Google’s annual I/O keynote and demonstrated. That the Google Doc is now available to use offline!

The director of product management for Google Apps, Clay Bravor at Google I/O shown off the Google Docs will now work offline editing, by opening Google Doc via Google Drive on stage in front of keynote attendees.

Once a document has been opened offline all amendments are then saved locally via a local cache on the system, once an online connection has been re-established , the alterations are then synched back to Google Docs.

Google Docs will be the first service that went offline as well, and now Google is currently working to get Spreadsheets and Presentations offer the similar offline functionality. Stay tuned to Vsszone so that we can update more on offline Google Doc edition service and many more.

What do you think about Offline editing is also available for Presentations in Google Docs in the coming future!