Google Chrome For iOS Update Brings Facebook, Twitter And Google+ Sharing

We’ve had Google’s Chrome browser on desktop since past few years and since June using Chrome for iOS as default web browser, rather than stock mobile Safari. Google for its iOS Chrome browser has rolled out its first update, after a recent upgrade. What this Chrome update brings for the iPad, iPhone and iPod, details after this jump.

Google is one of the best search engine giant and made its place in top of smartphone operating system market with Android, and with the Chrome web browser on desktop and OS X machines also shows up its talent and excellence. I am a regular user of Chrome on my Windows PC, and admit that it has great and best extensions as well for my perect surfing solution. Chrome extensions or so called add-ons or plugins of some that made my life easy, instead of switching to other browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Safari as well. Apart this, Google Chrome with this new update adds the ability to share pages directly to all social network sites, like Google+, Facebook and Twitter in addition to email.

After Google eventually took the plunge and pushed out the Chrome browser to the iOS App Store during the second day of their I/O conference in San Francisco, it answered the prayers of thousands of iPhone and iPad users who had been longing for a worthy competitor to the native Mobile Safari browser which Apple ships with the operating system. Chrome mobile browser for iOS just jumped to the top list of the App Store download charts for its simple and elegent design with great features such as the Chrome Omnibar and gestures integration.

To provide great native mobile experiences for their services and brands, Google has updated Chrome for iOS to bring the obligatory bug and security fixes, as well as some minor changes that reflect the feedback given by users and the more notable addition of being able to share webpages through social networking sites to let friends and followers alike see exactly what it is you are spending your time viewing on the internet.

Now the Chrome for iOS devices has got another unique update with the settings menu along with additional sharing option and allows us to share the viewed content with Facebook friends, our Twitter timeline, directly to our Google Plus (G+) circles and also send the link to the page out via the native email accounts on the device. Whereas Apple already has the ability to share web pages through Twitter as of iOS 5 and directly through email clients, but this update to Chrome is another good step by Google to not only match that functionality of Mobile Safari, but also go that one step further by giving users Facebook sharing before Apple’s integration on the upcoming iOS 6, and this chrome update for iOS also added the ability to sgare to their own Google+ network with an ease.

Lastly remind you: Now you can share pages using Chrome for iOS directly on your favorite social network – including Facebook and Twitter.

Download Google Chrome for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [iTunes link]