Google Releases Chrome Browser For iPhone And iPad – Download It Now!

At the I/O keynote, Google in on a roll with the proceedings bringing its Chrome browser and Google Drive to Apple’s iOS, allowing iPhone and iPad customers to use those tools for the first time. Day two of the event with the most delegates and developers being informed that Google’s Chome browser has been released for iPhone and iPad, and rolling out for download right now.

Google at its I/O conference for developers, announced that its Chrome browser will be available in iTunes App Store later on Thursday, as will Google Drive, the productivity app suite that includes Google Docs. Chrome is currently an advanced and the most popular browser in the world some metrics, used by millions of people around the world on desktop and notebook computers, as well as mobile devices running the Android OS. Since then till now, users of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad has been left in the dark in terms of an official Chrome release, and instead settled for Apple’s Mobile Safari or other alternative browsers on the App Store availability.

The newly release Google Chrome for iOS allow users to take advantage from the same lightening faster speed which Chrome is famous for and blesses users with full Google account services and synchronization of data across multiple devices registered under the same account. It has 310 million active users, and a growing number of them are mobile. Google’s Android mobile operating system began using Chrome as its primary built-in browser in its most recent version.

Now being available for iOS, Chrome browser comes with excellent tabbed browsing experience that offers unlimited of opened tabls will also make an appearance in the iOS Chrome Build. Incognito browsing is also making an appearance in this mobile version of Chrome, pushing users the similar luxuries as the desktop version relating to private browsing.

The interesting this about Google pushing out a native build of Chrome for iOS is that it will allow millions of people to enjoy a more consistent web browsing experience across the multiple devices that they own rather than having to flick between Chrome and Mobile Safari.

The demonstration was shown off by Brain Rakowski the vice president of Google Chrome division, as the browser does indeed give Mobile Safari a healthy competition on the same platform.

But one thing we missed, sadly to say the release of Chrome is surely welcomed by App Store, but Apple doesn’t allow iOS users to set it as a default browser apart from Safari, meaning any app or link that requires a web browser to be opened will automatically involk Mobile Safari instead of other.

Note: Regarding to above statement, users who are involved in jailbreaking will be aware of a tweak that allows default browser settings to be altered, but stock users will need to get used to a rather choppy experience.

The restrictions on third-party software are legendary, but browsers in particular have had a difficult time making their way into the iTunes App Store. That’s because Apple’s doesn’t approve apps that duplicate its core functionality. So, is also important to note that in order to comply with guidelines of Appleā€™s App Store, Chrome for iOS uses same engine as Mobile Safari.

You can download Chrome browser for iOS right now from the iTunes App Store here.