Google Chrome Beta Channel Launches On Android, Brings User / Devs Early Access To Play With Newest Chrome Features

The team behind the most popular Chrome web brwoser is excited to announce their first Beta channel release for phones and tablets on Android 4.0+. Desktop users of Chrome browser have long been able to get access to pre-release versions of the software through Google’s Beta Channel that has been running almost as long as the browser has been around. To rejoice that existing system, Google has now extended that privellage to mobile users with the launch of the Chrome Beta for Android channels.

The Chrome Beta iteration is available as a free-of-charge download from the Play Store and essentially does exactly what it says on the tin; by just allowing those with a passion for breaking things to get early access to new and emerging features within Chrome for Android. Desktop users can gain access to Google Chrome dev and beta channels to test out new features and fixes; even Chrome OS users are able to do that, leaving behind Android users.


Actually, with the new releases of any software in beta form, the main idea is to get as many users as possible stress-testing new code and features implimentations in the hope that any bug or critical issues can be tracked and eradicated as quickly as possible before the final version release. However, the beta channel for phones / tablets now joins out Beta versions of Chrome for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS.

While web and mobile developers will be extremely familiar with putting software into its places to see what bugs they can find and discover, but the public release of Chrome Beta onto the Play Store means that everyday Android users can also access the betas to give them the once over. This new app is an completely different installation to the main Chrome browser for Android and then it can be installed alongside it, perfect for when they are tired of stumbling on infuriating bugs in the beta code. Though, you can install beta alongside your ‘stable’ Chrome, so you don’t have to worry about using a beta software for work. You can install Google Chrome Beta from this link (are you searching? No! you will not find), Google have opted to hide the app from public search results.

Chrome Beta Android 1

Chrome Beta Android tablet

As mentioned above Chrome Beta is already available in the Play Store for smartphones and tablets that happen to be running on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or above. Those wishing to download will need to get it from the direct link listed above and below. Started to use the Chrome Beta for Android? Remember that information is extremely important to the development of the product and Google are hoping for large sets of user feedback. Jason Kersey, Technical Program Manager, Google writes:

Chrome for Android now benefits from all the speed, security and other improvements that have been landing on Chrome’s other platforms. For example, in today’s Beta update we have improved the Octane performance benchmark on average by 25-30%. In addition, this update includes interesting HTML5 features for developers such as CSS Filters. This is just one step of many towards bringing beautiful experiences to the mobile web.

Chrome Beta Android 2 Chrome Beta Android 3

(Source: Chrome Beta for Android on the Play Store)