Gmail For iOS Gets Updated, Brings Notification Center Support In iOS 5.1.x And More

The Google’s development team today pushed the latest version 1.2.7812 update to their iOS Gmail application which now features a number of improved upgrades and user-interface changes that have been specifically requested by Gmail users. With the official iOS Gmail client many aren’t happy with it since launch due to the lack of a true native experience, that’s what Google hopes the update may bring.

The latest upgrade version of the Gmail app comes with support iOS 5 and above with Notification Center compatibility. Additionally, Gmail users who running the latest version of Apple’s mobile oiperating system will be now able to use the Notification settings to apply banner-type notofications, and allows them being able to view incoming emails on the lockscreen itself along with in Notification Center by scrolling down.

When first Apple introduced iOS 5 came with support of incoming notifications, but the original release of the Gmail app for iOS didn’t get the support though.

Google for its iOS Gmail app V1.2.7812 release added two additional settings entries, accessed through the familiar looking cog icon in the main app interface. Big G adds this ability to overwrite Gmail signature settings and now allows users to wish to or not they want to use their own mobile signature. Once selected, the signature tagline can be manually specified and will show up at the bottom of all outgoing mails that are sent via the app. Second one, a vacation responder settings added, that essentially provides an out-of-office service during specified dates and will generate an automated reply to incoming mails.

What’s New in Version 1.2.7812

Notification Center support. Banners, alerts and lock screen notification options.
– “Send-as”. Alternate sender support, if configured within Gmail.
– Persistent login. Sessions no longer expire.

Tapping the new icon to compose email view involks a view that is like a notepad, giving users the option of scribbling down some notes or images with different pen colors on offer, included with three thickness settings and the choice between an erase, pen or spray can tool.

Download Gmail for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]