Reverse Scrolling in Windows 7

Get Mac OS X Lion Style Reverse Scrolling On Windows 7 – How To Guide

In windows operating system, when moving the scrool wheel up, the page will move up and viceversa. But in OS X Lion, a new style of scrolling called Reverse Scrolling has been introduced, which is more sensitive to touch. To get the Reverse scrolling form in Windows 7, just follow the steps given below.
Reverse Scrolling in Windows 7

How to get Mac OS X Lion Style Reverse Scrolling on Windows 7:

Step 1: Download and install the AutoHotKey software. This software is required to run the scroll reversing script.
Step 2: Now, download the scroll-reversing script.
Step 3: Next, move the script to a safe directory and double-click on it. The script is running in the background and reverse scrolling is now possible.

Important Note: Using this script, only the scrolling using scroll wheel is changed. The scrolling using the arrow keys will work as it did before.

But trying to get Reverse Scrolling in Windows 7 has it’s limitations too. Scrolling is not smooth and fluid like in OS X Lion and it does not even have the elasticity effect found on those systems.