Rovio’s Game ‘RETRY’ Download For Android And iPhone Now Available For Free


Rovio, is the creator of Angry Birds and its sequel’s has started rolling out a new game called RETRY, which is an 8-bit gameplay similar to the iOS’s Flappy Birds launched in May for limited time in-app purchase. Now, the game is available for iOS users globally and is also released for Android. Alternative to Flappy Birds!

RETRY for iOS and Android is somewhat different from piggies, and birds and not exactly like the Flappy Birds, but in this game you fly through treacherous obstacles, and earn stars to unlock new levels while playing.

Notably, this will be the first game released by Rovio Entertainment’s experimental publication arm, Rovio LVL 11.

RETRY Highlights

  • FLY. CRASH. REPEAT. No one said this would be easy.
  • SPIN FOR THE WIN! Loop, stall, dive – master the moves, or eternally retry.
  • COLLECT COINS! It’s the 80s – what did you expect? Don’t say Bitcoins…
  • DAILY CHALLENGES! Unlock these intense levels and humiliate your Facebook friends.
  • RETRO 8-BIT GRAPHICS! Next gen? How ‘bout first gen.
  • SLICK SYNTHESIZER SOUNDTRACK! Crank it up and hit the skies.

RETRY is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

Download RETRY for Android, iPhone and iPad [Free of Cost]

DualShock 4 Supported By Windows For “Basic Functions” At Launch

What actually is DualShock? It’s a game controller trademarked as “Dual Shock” is a line of vibration-feedback gamepads presented by Sony for the PlayStation consoles. Gaming on Windows is yet another trouble shooter, while these DualShock controller support and get rid of compatibility. DualShock 4 has arrived to play games on their Windows machines when the Sony’s PlayStation 4 launches in November. Full details on this topic can be achieved after this break!

The recent reports suggests that PlayStation: PC gamers will be able to use the DualShock 4 controller to play any game titles on the Windows desktop operating ststems.

According to the news that surfaced online from the Sony head and chief Honcho Shuhei Yoshida, suggests that the DualSkock 4 will be compatible with Windows at launch supported with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 respectively. But only the buttons and the joysticks will work, and those more niceties will still be reserved for PS4 use only.

All-in-all, it means that should be easily integrated and easily plugged-in and playable, however it doesn’t mean that its going to be so easy picked up by an PC games. Still1 You need to put some ingrediants like installing third-party software to work to get your PC games to notice your DualShock 4.

Technically, nothing is impossible. There are still many modders and hackers who can create a method for getting DualShock 4 work on PC as it does on the PlayStation 4. Point to be noted, that you’ll still need some pieces of hardware that didn’t initially come with your Windows-based computer, and to get the bells and whistles to work you’ll still need to do a lot more here.

Are you one of those PC Gamers thinking about using DualShock 4 on your Personal computer? How many there are running their computers on Mac OS X? What next!

Stay tuned to Vsszone, for more genuine and unique information on the PS4’s gamepad will be compatible with Windows. Here’s what the Joystiq points out, third-party controllers can show up as Xbox controllers on Windows thanks to the XInput API — something that’s non-existent in the PS3’s DualShock 3.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Release Date Confirmed, Next-Gen Plans Revealed!

It was leaked last week by two retailers, but Activision officially announced the Call of Duty: Ghosts today, now we finally know when it will be available for us all to stay in the que and buy. Details can be checked after the break!

Finally it’s official: Ghosts is the next Call of Duty title and it’s coming this November to current machines, with new plans to follow. Call of Duty fans will be able to grab Ghosts up on Nov 5th, with the game being launched on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC obviously. Call of Duty: Ghosts though will be the next generation game, which means that the new PlayStation 4 and next Xbox (aka Xbox 720 pr Infinity as most are calling it) will receive versions of the game.


First Tesco who accidentally announced it, then a leaked Gamestop poster showed it last week, however, it’s now official. CoD: Gosts is the title in the multimillion-selling series, and will be out soon. For fans, the exciting revelation is that the next game will feature an all-new engine, developed specially with the next-gen consoles in mind. Activision has confirmed that Ghosts will be brought to the forthcoming PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox machines, but the release date haven’t given yet. Either Sony or Redmond company haven’t placed any launch plans neither.

The news that will be available on next generation consoles is possibly a sign as to when we can expect either of those to be made available. While Sony had already launched the PS4, and with Microsoft’s Xbox to be outed at an upcoming event. Though we got any concrete release dates for either. With the Call of Duty game slated for November 5th, it’s fairly safe bet that the new consoles won’t be launching too much later than that.


The game is in development at Infinity Ward, this studio is responsible for creating the Call of Duty series and its best titles – the Modern Warfare trilogy. Apart this, Activision has also added to its Ghosts teaser site with a Facebook page, but keeping plenty of secrets. Though, the game itself saw a new trailer released today as part of the official unveiling, the video does confirm that the CoD: Ghosts game will take place in more contemporary times than the early Call of Duty titles.

According to the press release sent out on Wednesday, confirms the game will feature a completely new story arc, with new characters added for the game players to invest their time into. Ghosts will boast, a riveting all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast of characters, all powered by a new, next generation Call of Duty engine that redefines the series for the next generation. It will be the first major re-build for the engine in several years. With this latest Call of Duty game is almost guaranteed to be a huge hit with gamers just like the previous Call of Duty games, which manage to break sales record no matter what happens. A British spec ops solder codenamed Ghost appeared in Modern Warfare 2 and wore a similar piece of head gear.


Call of Duty is the most successful franchise in gaming history. However, critical reactions to the last title were more muted and sales dropped slightly after the record-breaking success of the first Black Ops title in 2010. You know, because none of the other Call of Duty games sold that well.

Is Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix Launch As A PlayStation-Cum-Vita Game [Report]

Considering Assassin’s Creed:Rising Phoenix IV is an forthcoming historical action-adventure open world steath video game purely developed for PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360. It is produced by 1000 people together in seven different developing studios. Assassins Creed 4 is modernized by Ubisoft montreal, Kiev, Quebac and Singapore, it is maintained the game’s Main campaign. after Assassins Creed III: Liberation, a leaked image from an Online retailer shows a launch date of October 10,2013. However, the game has yet to be formally announced by Ubisoft, but it might have several leaked pictures intimates that this game is still in production stage.

The Ubisoft Logo is Mentioned on the bottom of the image with the words “Ubisoft Digital Arts: Internal Use Only. Do not duplicate or distribute.” When asked what the image related to, Ubisoft simply replied with “No comment“.

Assassin's Creed

(It’s a Vita game according to XtraLife, a Spanish online store)

That Rising Phoenix might be a vita game as we have earlier Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is what sold out well in the market. Ubisoft had civilize this Rising Phoenix 4: Black Flag will fascinate the people and when enjoying this game and playing in the PS and it had excellent graphics with the cost of 46.95 Euros.

Although, the new screenshot has since made it way online, suggesting this would be a Vita title. For Vita, the Assassin’s Creed comes with no surprise after the previous installments sold 600 thousand units, despite the console’s oppressive performance at retail. With this Vita’s new Japanese price cut, arriving in a new entry as the money-printing Assassin’s Creed license, could help the handheld shoot again.

Ubisoft will hopefully think that it will be a memorable game for those folks who are waiting for the release in the year ending. Stay tuned to VSSzone for any more updates!

Every PlayStation 4 Game Will Be Available As A Digital Download From PS Store [Confirmed]

Now that the company is looking to emphasize the recent announcement of Sony’s new console, the PlayStatrion 4, as the President of Worldwide Studios, Shuei Yoshida has confirmed that the PS4 will adopt the Vita model of having every game titles downloaded over the “cloud”. This is how the Korean company is placing on games to improve its content streaming agenda. Sony’s intentions for the new console, one important figure within the company has revealed that all games for the upcoming PlayStation 4 console will indeed be available digitally.

As confirmed by the Worldwide Studios President at Sony, that all game titles for the new PlayStation 4 will be available in digital form downloadable from PlayStation Store, along with some “major” titles also available in physical form:

We’re shifting our platform more and more to the digital side – PS4 will be similar to PS Vita in that every game will be available as a digital download, and some will also be available as a disc.


Streaming has been touted as a major focus for Sony’s next console. In 2012, the company purchased content streaming provider Gaikai for $380m (£250m) and will use it to offer quicker and more seamless digital downloads on the PlayStation 4. Whereas, Yoshida reassured all enthusiasts of online gaming that they will never again be required to step into a store to buy a physical game, some might be worried whether physical copies of games will still be available in stores. Well! it will most likely be the case for most major titles, it is likely that lesser-known ones will be available online only, at least in countries with easily accessible broadband Internet.

Makes sense? Given the high cost associated with providing physical copies of games to users with broadband connections! After some speculations since months, the underlying platform of the PlayStation 4 was finally unveiled to the public at an event last week. The latest console, which boasts a hardware architecture similar to the one of a standard of high-powered desktop PC, features a new controller known as the DualShock 4, integrated with many other online features that will rather make the console an attractive one for both hardcore and casual gamers.

At the official announcement of the PS4, Gaikai founder David Perry explained how users would be able to download games incrementally, so that they could play the first level instantly while the rest of the game downloaded in the background.

While Yoshida explained that Sony’s focus on streaming with the PlayStation 4 could lead to a Spotify-like subscription service whereby users pay a monthly fee to access limited or unlimited numbers of games:

Because of the flexibility of the digital distribution scheme, we can have more small games that might be free or available for a couple of dollars, or different services like free-to-play or subscription models. As more and more services and contents become available digitally, we’ll have more of an option to create attractive packages.”


The new console is expected to hit shelves at the end of this year, although no exact date has been confirmed by Sony as of yet. Let’s see how easy Sony will make it for users to re-download their games should they need to. Or, this sounds like a natural step forward, in line with what actually happened with the PS Vita a few years ago.

Now that a question arises about the PlayStation 4 game availability.Details like the fact that existing PSN games can’t be transferred to the PS4, PS3 controllers which won’t be compatible with the new console, and that the machine will function offline. Download versions of every game will hurt companies like GameStop?

Little More About PlayStation 4 Pre-orders, Support For 4K Games And More

After weeks of rumors and specifications, Sony has finally unveiled its next-gen PlayStation console from a live event in New York City on February 20th. The PlayStation 4 is the next-generation gaming console that will be released this holiday season. While the revelation was quit quick, but then they spent almost two hours discussing the console’s controller, video games and assorted details. Check out the features about this iteration of the new PS4!

Release date has been set up for the 2013 Holiday! Here are some specifications of whay Sony has revealed up to this point. Just jump right now!

Lead system architect on the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny, said “the development of a next-gen platform started about five years ago” and that it’s goal is “freeing developers from technological barriers.” Also said that the platform is “by game creators for game creaters” and its architecture is “like a PC, but supercharged.” PS4 uses the X86 CPU and has a 8GB of memory and a local hard drive. It uses APU technology and GDDR5 memory, which is typically reserved for “top of the line, high end graphics cards.”


Mostly resembles the old DualShock PlayStation Controllers, but now there’s a whole mess of doodads attached to it. Essentially integrated features from the DualShok 3, PlayStation Move, and even a touchpad from the PlayStation Vita as well.

The PS4 pillars are Simple, Immediate, Social, Integrated and Personalized. PlayStation 4 supports suspending and reloading play sessions. This new game console has a secondary chip for uploading and downloading in the background. So, digital games can be played as they are being downloaded and installed.

The nod to the comes in the form of a light bar on the front of the controller, which lights up to distinguish between players, and a new dual-camera peripheral can track it just like PlayStation Move. It also includes a built-in speaker for the controller, and a headset jack to boot. The first and foremost seems to be cribbed from the Wii, while the latter is from Xbox 360. Like it, a headset will be included in each PlayStation 4 bundle.


Almost all the buttons on the controller would be same just as on PlayStation 3. There’s a Share button for social interactions, like streaming gameplay or posting images, and an Options button which combines the old Select and Start buttons into one multipurpose one.

That said, here’s a nice list of games that are definitely coming to the platform:

  • Destiny
  • The Witness
  • inFAMOUS: Second Son
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Watch_Dogs
  • Driveclub
  • The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
  • Diablo III
  • Knack
  • Deep Down

Now the announcement of the PlayStation 4 may have passed, but plenty of questions surfacing to the upcoming console remain unanswered. Joystiq has learned that while the PS4 will offer output for video, the same cannot be said for games.


According to Sony, the PlayStation 4?s GPU includes “a unified array of 18 compute units” for a total of 1.84 teraflops of processing power. The console’s 8 GB of memory will supposedly provide up to “176 GB/second of bandwidth” to developers, should they need that sort of thing. The system supports seamless uploads of gameplay, spectating friends’ gameplay sessions in real time as well as integrated chat. Players will have profile pages like Facebook integrated to the “full PlayStation ecosystem.”

The system supports seamless uploads of gameplay, spectating friends’ gameplay sessions in real time as well as integrated chat. Players will have profile pages like Facebook integrated to the “full PlayStation ecosystem.” Lots more to add soon. Stay tuned!

The system supports seamless uploads of gameplay, spectating friends’ gameplay sessions in real time as well as integrated chat. Players will have profile pages like Facebook integrated to the “full PlayStation ecosystem.” Lots more to add soon. Stay tuned!

Update: Sony has confirmed the PlayStation 4 release date and price details, will be available in Sony’s Gaming retail shops “GameStop” and “ShopTo”. Now allowing you to reserve a PlayStation 4 by preordering before ready to launch.

GameStop offering you to grab a PlayStation 4 on its official release date by pre-ordering, just for £20, whereas StopTo have the PS4 listed as £399.85, but they do say this is likely to change.

Update 2: Online retailer Amazon have also started accepting PlayStation 4 pre-orders, and currently have the PlayStation 4 release date listed as March 3rd 2020!

News: PlayStation 4 Will Be Able To Stream PS3 Games

The WSJ reports surfaced into the web about the shiny new game console, which throwing out all your old games because you’ve just not got the room to keep everything set up. What now? the compatibility comes in – letting gamers play the previous generation of games on the latest tech. But if the new machine’s different from the old one, that might not be possible enough.

When Sony announces the PlayStation 4, it’s believed to be a complete depature from the PS3’s architecture, the PS4 is believed to be unlikely to support playback of existing titles, leaving gamers unable to revist their existing titles should they so wish. In order to solve that problem, Sony has a trick up its shelves, but a little bit different.


Delivering them over the internet in real time from remote servers, by sending compressed video frames. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal reports what they may have suspected for months: Sony will use such service to stream games to the next-generation PlayStation game console, which the company is widely expected to reveal on February 20th.

Last June, following on from Sony’s purchase of streaming company Gaikai, the WSJ believes that Sony intends to have the PS4 stream PS3 games from the company’s servers rather than actually crunch all the numbers locally. While the WSJ reports says, Sony won’t necessarily use Gaikai to deliver brand-new games. The whole thing has more than a little of the OnLive about it, and we can reserve judgement for now.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about what the PS4 has in store for use at Sony’s FEB. 20th PlayStaion event. Those will reportedly still be delivered on optical disc. Instead, the next PlayStation will allegedly bring existing PlayStation 3 games to the new system using the streaming technology.


Actually, the previous generations of PlayStation have offered backward compatibility with games built for previous systems – able to put a PS1 disk in a PS2, for instance, the PS2 games genuinely worked in some PS3s – but the unannounced PlayStation 4 is expected to use AMD x86 chips, which won’t be compatible with the architecture used in previous systems. Whereas, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 did not fully support original Xbox games, but rather it emulated them in software. This leads to some sort of compatibility issues, and meant some gamers were not supported at all. Sony, by hosting earlier generations of games on servers and streaming them instead, could be a way to ensure some form of backwards compatibility despite the AMD chips. Sony’s streaming solution will no doubt avoid such situations, but it does mean the possibility of all manner of other issues befalling the ambitious undertaking.

PlayStation Controller

Question: Why wouldn’t Sony stream new PlayStation 4 titles as well? The PlayStation 4 needs to be a success in the wake of what has been a lackluster showing from the third generation PlayStation.

Perhaps it could, but so far streaming game services like Gaikai and OnLive have been delivered at a maximum 720p resolution, and reliably streaming even 720p content requires a fairly decent internet connection and servers that are reasonably close. The compatibility issue works both ways. We’re curious how Sony would deliver and store such games.

With a few leaks in the past days unveiling a little about the console itself, we can’t just wait to see the complete picture when Sony takes the stage off of it officially. On Feberauary 20th,  we’ll likely be able to verify the truth.

Yet Another Image Of Alleged PlayStation 4 Controller Leaks, Now Shows 3.5mm Jack, Concave Analog Sticks

Continued with yesterday’s report, offered a purported first look at what is claimed was the controller for Sony’s PlayStation 4, a second photograph has today emerged showing the same peripheral. Today’s leaked image is pretty closer enough, and taken to a different angle-one which also reveals a 3.5mm jack on the underside of the controller, and from this perspective, the handles also look a certain degree longer.

The leaks features a photograph of an early next-generation PlayStation (PS4) gaming console’s cointroller, showing the glimpse of one of the early prototype for Sony’s next game console which is expected to be announced next week on February 20th.


The consequences, based on the previous leak, was that the control pad was a prototype, subject to change, and that it still remains the case. As you can see, as well as the longer handles, the alternative, curved analog sticks, LED strip along the top, and LCD (purported to be a touch-screen) are also clearer here than before.

The 3.5-millimeter jack at the bottom likely to provide a connection for some sort of voice chat accessory, but the original image made it look as though the famous START and SELECT buttons had been completely modified (removed) – at least from the face of the device – it would appear as though they have been situated next to the LED strip. If you askant, you can just make them out next to Up on the directional pad, and the triangle button.

The image was floating around on a number of gaming forums and thus, it’s hard to believe exactly where it came from. While the major most popular gaming sites seems confident it is a prototype, it should not be viewed as the final version of the PlayStation 4’s eventual controller though.


It does look however, Sony has taken something of a leaf from Nintendo’s book by adding an LCD to proceedings, and obviousl;y the size of this display implies it will serve only as a supliment to the main gaming experience, which, it’s something gamers will continued to ponder over until the official announcement date arrives.

Next Wednesday, Sony will be holding its special event to introduce with it’s future of the PlayStation 4 brand. Anticipation regarding what the company has in store reaches fever pitch, but the keynote, to be held in New Yprk City, will reveal all features.

Prototype Of New PlayStation 4 Controller Leaked In The Wild [IMAGE]

Sony already announced its event and today we got to see a photo of what looks like a never-seen before PlayStation Controller. The first look at the prototype controller for Sony’s as of yet to announced next-generation platform, the new game console has been leaked. Lots of rumors continue to be frivolously thrown about as excited tech fans sink their teeth into the  prospect of some trademark this year. When talking about console wars, Sony and Microsoft both releasing their respective next-gen offerings, and if you’re waiting for the unofficially-dubbed PlayStation 4, then it looks  as though the controller for the upcoming entertainment system may have leaked into the wild.

Destructoid has the image, which shows a DualShock-style controller with what appears to be a touchpad on top, and a blue light on its back. But the first question arises, is that the PlayStation 4 controller?


The biggest change is in the middle, which has a glossy surface that could be a touch display or a display of some sort. Secondary, the little holes in the middle do look like a microphone – possibly for voice commands. Either it may just be a weired speaker or so. When you see at the very bottom, there’s a little protrusion that may be a 3.5mm headphone jack, implemented for multiplayer games, or just for playing silent games in general.

The addition of a touchpad lines up with previous reports about the PlayStation 4 controller, while the blue light bears a strong resemblance to that found on Sony’s PlayStation Move controllers in the front. Speculating that this would be used for motion tracking, and if that was the case, this would mean that more titles could rely on some form of basic motion sensing.

While the touchscreen the omni-present START and SELECT buttons look to have parted, but once again, this is in line with previous reports pertaining the controller of the PS4. For this leaked prototype of the PlayStation controller, Sony was granted a patent for a Move-equipped controller back in 2012. I would bet that this is a prototype rather than the final controller. That might provide good hints as of what type of functionality the finalized controller may have.


Remind you that most prototypes come with all possible extensions and connectors, but it never means that the final controller will. Kotaku is also reporting that one of its sources have confirmed the image is real — but cautions that since this is a prototype, the final form factor of the controller could be different. Don’t panic or confused!

We’ll see the new PlayStation controller in all its glory on February 20th. Stay tuned! It is widely presumed Sony will announce the PlayStation 4 at its special event to be held in New York City event next Wednesday.  What are your expectations of the PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 4 Retail Price Unveiled As February 20th Announcement Done

2013 is all set for a new era of next-generation consoles, battles however still at relative rumor stage, now with a report surfaced from a Japanese company suggests the PlayStation 4 will arrive with a price point of around $400+ (approx $430), which coincides with one of the previous reports published back in January. AsahiShimbun is a Japan site looks convined the console will cost around 40,000 Yen, which is equal to about $428 at the current foreign exchange rate, and the retail price is more than an indication of guarantee, suggests Sony will be pricing its next-gen  PS4 console much responsibly than it did its current PlayStation.

Yet another gaming console is also be announced in the next stage, the Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox, reportedly to feature Siri-easque Voice recognition, unlike that Sony is ready to include some cloud streaming features, according to the report, the PS4 to include biometric controller and cloud streaming. With in two weeks until Sony event that is being widely tipped as the official announcement of a new PlayStation console, more rumors today emerged on the estimated launch window and cost of the company’s next home gaming device.


According to TheVerge, the PlayStation 2 will be released in the US and Japan during 2013 and will cost more than 428 dollars.

The launch of the PlayStation 3 back in 2006 was the year following the Xbox 360, and it’s clear to say Sony priced itself out the market considerably with its 60,000 Yen intila cost. Gamers then diverted to Microsoft’s offering, and a combination of the pricing and other factors has since seen the Xbox 360 overtake its rival to the summit of the console market.

Today’s upcoming PlayStation 4’s estimated price is a third cheaper than the PlayStation 3’s 2006 launch, which debuted at around 60,000 yen in Japan, $599 in North America, £425 in the UK, and $999 in Australia. This is the first real inkling we have as to how much the PlayStation 4 might cost. At $428 or thereabouts, consumer are more likely to make the purchase, and with Microsoft also purportedly bringing the Xbox 720 at some point this year, and Sony in particular giving current PlayStation users a reason to remian loyal when they decide to upgrade their hardware.


No specific information was provided on the launch availability for the PS4 in Europe or Australia, leading to speculation that the silence regarding the device in the latter markets may indicate a later 2014 release. Now the cheapest PlayStation 3 variant now coats 24,980 Yen in Japan and $269 in the US, however the age are both contributing factors to its current low cost, it’s fair to say ~$400 cost at launch for a PlayStation 4 would be a greatfully received. Welcomed!

Further to the Japanese report, Other details in the paper’s report lend further credibility to earlier rumors that the next PlayStation’s controller will include biometric support in the form of a rear touchpad and and will be a similar size to the current DualShock 3. Also chimmed into the PS4 debate by claiming the announcement of the next-generation PlayStation console.


The reports also suggests that the announcement of the PlayStation 4 on February 20th, and of course it’s not the first report that surfaced suggesting this month will see the showcasing of the console, it only serves to collaborate such a notion. For more information on the future of the PlayStation, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.

The second report in addition to offering an ETA, it’s also being said that Sony’s PS4 will include integration of Gaikai’s cloud streaming service. Sony acquired the firm for $380 million in mid-2012. If this is accurate news, then Sony will team up will team up with Gaikai to infuse cloud technology into its next-gen entertainment system. Could be a key component in the PlayStation 4’s introduction into the gaming world. We will be keeping an eye on this topic and let you know if any updates on this story is out. Stay tuned!