Samsung's Galaxy S III Has Been Pre-Ordered Over 9 Million Times Worldwide

Galaxy S III Has Been Pre-Ordered Over 9 Million Times Globally, Accounts To Break Samsung Sales Record?

Unexpected happens suddenly, similar to the Samsung’s Galaxy S III the latest top of the range Android smartphone, has been the talk of the mobile world in the recent months with consumers like me becoming fans to get their hands on it. Now with the woofing orders, the south Korean electronics giants manged to keep a lot of its details undercover until they officially launch at the satrt of this month, and if the reports “Samsung accounts for 40% of smartphone sales” is true and believed then the event held in London has shows up a significant interest in the device.

Samsung's Galaxy S III Has Been Pre-Ordered Over 9 Million Times Worldwide

According to the Reuters report, Samsung have already received almost nine million pre-release orders for the Galaxy S III, which came trough the providers of mobile networks across all over the world. Believe it or not, this news may not be accurate though, the information is said to have come directly from an unnamed employee who holds an excutive position within Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders hit 9 million -- before it's even released

If these reported numbers turned out to be true then Samsung has certainly represents great and early success for the Galaxy S III smartphone and that shows an initial hype surrounding the phone has transferred across to where it actually matters (sales). Continue the trend as we heard earlier that 9 million of the device had been pre-ordered which is extremely positive for Samsung, but that account would not figure out or include any United States-based orders though, it looks like even more encouraging. Compared to the previous version of Android-powered phone Galaxy S II, the samsungĀ  GS III is tend to have more pre-ordered. While the Korean manufacturers have’nt yet launched Galaxy S3 into the American marketplace, but with the U.S. model of the device will reportedly run on top of a dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor.

With boasting 30 million Samsung’s previous S II models of Galaxy units sold in the same USA market in the end of last year, mananging to sell two-thirds of that total in the first ten months after launch. 9 million pre-order reported of their latest gadget certainly stands in a good place to shatter the record set by its predecessor.

While considering the best device, SGS III would be that, if you are looking for a new smartphone and want’s to purchase a upgraded version handsets of the future. In my thought, i am a big fan of Samsung products and i was once thought to buy GS II, and after hearing about the S3 Android smartphone i decided to grab one for me soon.

the Galaxy S III, the latest Samsung's top range smartphone has been the talk of the mobile world in recent months with consume

We suspect that this trend will continue with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S III, what you expect from this?