Here's which U.S. Carriers will get the Galaxy S III? T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Sprint

Galaxy S III For Sprint And Verizon Headed Through The FCC

Now it’s look like all the top four major U.S. carriers will be receiving the latest Samsung’s Galaxy S III, while last year S2 didn’t got by the Verizon. However this year with an awesome high-profile features Galaxy S3 has just visited the FCC along with the variant heading to Sprint.

Here's which U.S. Carriers will get the Galaxy S III? T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Sprint

Remind you about what happened last year, with the Verzion who decided to pass on the Galaxy S II instead offered the Galaxy Nexus, this activated many Verizon customers to buy an Android 4.0 running handset before the customers of others Stateside carriers. While many Big Red subscribers who claims that the popular mobile operator had made a big mistake by passing on the Galaxy S II. The reason why the leading carrier did that with his own hands.

This time it will not happen again, the Bif Red is not passing on the Samsung Galaxy S III as both the Verizon (SCH-i535) and the Sprint (SPH-L710) versions of the device visited the FCC. According to the filing, Verison will be carrying the said model number which will  have support for its CDMA band, EV-DO and LTE, along with a GSM and EDGE support on 850MHz and 1900MHz bands for roaming globally. While 3G is not supported on your device overseas.

Verizon and Sprint versions of Samsung Galaxy S III visit the FCC

While the Sprint variant, with a model number of SPH-L710 and will carry similar support without international bands, but both models offer connectivity through their respective Ev-Do and LTE pipelines.

When talking about the AT&T’ and T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy S3 will be the number SGH-i747M and SGH-T999 respectively. The phone which we are talking about must be introduced in the U.S., rumors points to the June 20 launch for the T-Mobile Galaxy S III model.

T-Mobile USA Samsung Galaxy S III leaked out

Stay tuned to VSS zone so that we can come up with some updates on when they announce and launch the Samsung Galaxy S III in these four major U.S. carriers.