Useless Box Is Created And The Gadget Does Nothing But Costs $39 [Discover It]

As being in the geeky world, we surely encourage the very cutting-edge in technological advancements. When a new products like MacBook Pro or Google’s Project Glass or any other Android-powered smartphone, mobile OS or any other useful gadgets comes to scene we’ll always be interested to see companies and individuals push the boundaries. Apart this, we’re pretty much interested in technology, and the Useless Box, brought to our attention by Mashable, is one of the most uproarious inventions we’ve ever seen before.

Amazingly called it the “Useless Box” because it does actually provide any useful functions though, it claims by it inventor, we see it as the perfect prank for anybody having trouble keeping their hands to themselves.

So, no more useless discussions about the useless gadget and coming straight to the point upon entering an unfamiliar environment, has an incessant need to touch everything in sight – regardless of its how remarkable – or indeed unremarkable, said objects might be.

While the Useless Box comes in a handy with totally useless and pointless gadget, but you want to check out that Useless Box with your eyes? Its prank value is through the roof.

It is pretty small, portable rather mysterious looking box with a single switch, shows its view as a dynamite to switch on or lifting curtains for an keynote conference, which immediately catches the eye. The temptation would, quite naturally, to flick it and see what happens. Instead of setting off fireworks, or triggering a 100+ decibel alarm, a small metal contraption pops from the middle of device, and rather arrogantly flicks the switch back.

As demonstrated above, the Useless Box will provide hours and hours of fun, especially if you don’t mind doing the same thing over and over again. Stupidity mesauring your could keep a mental count of how many times a person flicks the switch, and gauge their mental capacity from that.

Funny things apart, it’s a whole lot of useless fun and time wasting gadgets which only cots $39.99, you can own your very own Useless Box.

Here’s The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Shown Off [VIDEO]

Samsung has announced its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet back in March and was expected to go live for sale in the US, but according to some sources as Amazon accidentally published some key features of the latest release of the Galaxy Note 10.1, but now appears that the pre-orders on the Amazon website today removed without any explanation, which was price tagged $549 for United States and making a ship time around three to five weeks.


Actually the 10.1-inch Galaxy Note version was announced at the Mobile World Congress 2012 earlier this year by Samsung, while the original Galaxy Note was introduced with a dual-core processor, but it has since been reviewed with the quad-core Exynos processor. By adding a nice pen for the stylus, Samsung amkes it a lot harder to lose since its pretty useful when you are owning a huge 10.1-inch display.

Apart this, here’s the video that leaks out showing a good look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which features a touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 the Super PLS LCD display, also comes with Samsung’s S-Pen though.

The Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 10.1 is powered by Android 4.0 and comes with the TouchWhiz user interface, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is just more than a quarter-inch thick and weighs less than 21 ounces. Sporting a dual core 1.4GHz processor with a microSD card slot and will be made available with a choice of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of built-in storage and it ships with 1GB of RAM.

While the camera features are reportedly said as a 3-megapixel rare camera has the ability to record HD videos on 720p at 30 frames per second. Along with a built-in browser support HTML, HTML5 and Flash syupport, plus added services like Facebook, uploading to YouTube, Picasa and Twitter to keep connected with social events.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is fast with Bluetooth 3.0 and WiFi connections with the CPU, RAM and support for 4G networks and more. Stay tuned!

Nokia 808 PureView Expected To Make US Debut Later Today!

The first ever made smartphone boasting a 41-megapixel camera with AMOLED display, Nokia Pureview 808 has announced a few months ago and released in some major countries like Asia, India, UK etc, and whilst Nokia said the handset would not be available with mobile carriers in the USnited States, and said they intend to bring the Pureview 808 smartphone to the US, but would be welcomed with a SIM free offer.

Nokia has a special event scheduled in the US later today, and the recent reports says that the Symbian giant will be announcing the launch of the latest Nokia 808 Pureview for the U.S. PureView is a high-end phone based on Nokia’s waning homegrown operating system, rather than Windows Phone. It packs some top-of-the-line features.

Nokia announced the PureView 808 smartphone a few months ago and will be released in the US tomorrow?

Remind you this Nokia’s 808 Pureview features a 4-inch AMOLED display running the Symbian Belke mobile operating system (OS) and more of it’s sporting with a 41MP camera and in addition to its super-zoom-capable cam, it has a “rich recording” audio feature, powered with a 1.3GHz core processor and comes with a 16GB of built-in storage, plus external memory card slot (MicroSD) added to expand the storage space upto 32GB.