First Video Of iPhone 5 Booting Up iOS 6 Surfaces From Faxconn Factory?

However the officially announcement of the iPhone 5 remains a week away, and we have got some interesting news on what’ll be in store in terms of aesthetics and vital hardware specification. Tim Cook and Co. will take the stage on September 12th in Yebra Buena in San Fransisco, California, though another pack of images and video of the next-generation Apple smartphone is treated, now appears as it would be the first look at the device in action running iOS 6?

We have been seeing some floating around on YouTube of an iPhone 5 booting up. The iOS 6-running device has, according to MICGadget, leaked via Foxconn’s Juncheng manufacturing branch, and if it accurate as it appears, would be the world’s first look at the iPhone 5 switched on. The video belongs to a Chinese tipser who found an iPhone 5 prototype at Faxconn’s factory and uploaded into YouTube channel. But, As the demonstrator boots the device up, it shows an error message and is stuck at the charcoal-colored linen introduction pages prominent in iOS, which is somewhat disappointing for those of you eager to see our first fully-fledged hands-on demo. Check this out in the video below.

The video actually uploaded from Chinese tech outlet, and was recorded accidentally by a tipser visiting a friend at a Faxconn factory based in Juncheng. With up to 3,000 iPhone 5 back panels reportedly being completed every night in the past couple of months, Not to belive such as exposure could occer with that security, and if it is indded the highly-anticipated iPhone 5, I would think a few heads across the world in Cupertino company will be fired.

When you see the video in action you will surely belive that its the fianl version of the next iPhone, and could be a world exclusive, and there’s never anybody around with such decent snapper to film it. The quality of the video might be lowered on purpose to prevent the leak from being traced, though, the snapper of this iPhone leak is awesome.

If the phone is a prototype of the iPhone 5 used by Foxconn, one would think it should either be functional and registered with Apple or flashed with the OEM version of iOS 6. Why is the URL missing from the error message is in mind surfacing around looking for evidence. Could really be a prototype iPhone, which for some reason wasn’t built with production quality materials or installed with a working version of iOS 6 beta.

The device was not activated, showing the message:

This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program. If you are a member of the program, please register your device in the @@url@@.

Don’t worry about it and leave it from your mind and look forward for the unveiling of the iPhone 5, and this clip will only heighten the anticipation leading up to next Wednesday’s grand announcement.