First iPhone 5 Benchmark Test Beats Galaxy S III, iPad 3 And Nexus 7 With Its Dual Core 1.02GHz A6 CPU [ANALYSIS]

Yesterday AnandTech’s analysis revealed the Apple’s A5 chip, today Geekbench has published first benchmark test of iPhone 5. Unveils total score result, in which they shown iPhone 5,2 model sporting a Dual Core 1.02GHz processor, comes with an awesome unimaginable 1601 result.

At Yerba Buena Center in SF at the special media event, Apple didn’t mentioned about any specific on their A6 chip. But a third-party site analized it and made known of the 1GB of RAM and 1GHz custom Apple-designed ARMv7 processor in iPhone 5. Whereas the Apple’s official technical page doesn’t even mentioned about any CPU details. Only becuase of Apple belives more in overall performance and UX integrated for the end-users.

Here’s the Geekbench’s benchmark test for iPhone 5,2:

While when compared to the last years iPhone 4S A5 has scored of 630 and the 2012 years A5X in iPad (3rd-gen) has scored of 790. These scores obviously validate Apple’s claim of A6’s performance and 2x graphics being twice as fast as all of the previous iOS devices.

According to the recent report, with an impressive iPhone 5’s 1.02GHz processor is also faster than the top end Android devices currently, including the Galaxy S III’s Samsung Exynos 4412 1400 MHz (4cores) which scores 1560, and while the HTC One X’s NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30 1500 MHz (4 cores) scores at 1085, and Nexus 7’s NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30L 1300 MHz (4 cores) are scoring at 1591 etc. Below are the tablet of benchmark scores of other Android devices, check them out:

After getting the new iPhone 5 hands-on, which ships this coming Friday. We can of coyrse grab some more interesting and amazing bechmarked and can thoroughly examine tests of iPhone 5 against the rival devices competing with the A6 chip iOS smartphone. Via Redmondpie