Firefox OS Marketplace In Current Form Leaked Ahead Of Launch [IMAGES]

The future belongs to the latest technology-related iterations when you decide to choose between iOS, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, then another popular network will launch its own mobile operating system. In 2013, the future joins with another new kid on the block in the form of Mozilla’s Firefox OS. Since summer, the company is already seeding early builds of the Firefox operating system to developers and actually introduced it to the world during Mobile World Congress (MWC 2012), but now we got something to know about it.

Mozilla has been demoing its Firefox OS as “Boot to Gecko” since then earlier this year, but it’s difficult to imagine any other new mobile operating system being released to compete with legendary makers of the current market. Apple with its powerful implementation rolling out their iOS firmware, with the versality of the Android OS in other hand, along with Microsoft’s Windows Phone hanging around in the background, now it remains to be seen yet another, mean how Firefox OS actually hit the ground running, expected that will bring some great features to consumers and breeds innovation in the competition, especially targeting the mobile web browser?

We being an smartphone users admit that though we require our mobile operating systems to be more accurate, powerful, versatile and feature-packed, most importantly it must have an extremely correct user-interface and visuals that encourages a positive user-experience, like we see in iOS and Android. Mobile OSes that are used to power advanced touch-screen hardware are all about user interaction, and we can’t say about what’s Mozilla is planning, but with this nice little leak comes out with screenshots that show the Firefox OS marketplace is a sign of things to come.

Some of that picture just filled out thanks to some images of the mobile Firefox Marketplace that have landed in Engadget’s hands. Without saying that any mobile operating system that intends to compete in the hotly contested smartphone market space will require a native app store that allows users to download and install third-party developer creations.

The first leaked images give us an idea of what looks like a pretty much complete and very polished marketplace, though the layout is different from what Apple’s iOS App Store or Google Play Store has to offer, the deeper exploration shows a minimalist store that’s focused on quickly delving into individual categories rather than an abundance of highlighted apps.

The source says that they obtained the images of a fairly complete version of the Firefox OS Marketplace, as expected that marketplace will be where users go and click on a download new apps link for their Firefox OS posing devices. The images show typical app store features: there is a search bar, categories, ratings, and details for each app, but not much else. It appears that each app has its won page that allows users to view and make reviews of the product, along with that handling administrative tasks like read the company’s privacy policy or contact the developer directly for more support. There appears to be only free apps available in this version of the Marketplace?

we expect to see more with the first Firefox OS-based devices set to go on sale next year 2013 launch and the software comes out as particular as marketplace.