Firefox For Android Finally Brings Flash Support, Faster Browsing, Redesigned UI & More

Mozilla has dropped a beta version of Firefox mobile browser into Google Play Store last month, now the moniker is optimized to its dramatic redesign and its calims of “significant’ performance enhancements and after a much development and a recent beta release, the final version of Firefox for Android is now available for download over at the Google’s Play Store.

So, now the Firefox for Android loses the beta tag and gets upgraded, bringing a faster mobile web browsing experience to devices running Android 2.2 or higher firmware versions. The updated browser touts a full web experience, including support for Adobe Flash, a nearly instant startup time, fast page rendering and synchronization with Firefox on the desktop.

What about Google’s default Chrome browser? Mozilla claims, in both bechmark testing and regular use, Firefox is asa fast and often faster than ever competing against stock Android browser as well as with the beta version of Google Chrome, that surprised many.

Mozilla has also completely revamped their original mobile UI in favor of one that places much more emphasis on the address bar. The most attracting concept that had user swipeing to left and right to access a list of view of their other browser tabs and a control panel for bookmarking and navigating back and forward through webpages. All these have been revamped into a smaller area, and some of then had to be made.

While when talking about reload button, that has been removed from the plain sight. In order to reload a page, users now have to tap the menu button first in order to find the option, which seems to be odd since its used to live right inside the address bar though. While the tab view button sits next to the address bar displays a running total of how many tabs are opened – simply tapping that button also displays those opened tabs as real-time thimbnails.

However, Firefox sits alongside Chrome as the most-used browser, millions of consumers now use tablets and smartphones to connect, source news, information, and communicate. Mozilla is readying its position to be in top in order to create the best impression on mobile as it is has on desktops and notebook computers.

The faster and flash-friendly Firefox 14 released for Android that graduates from beta, springs to life nearly instantaneously after tapping its icon. The Android version of Firefox 14 actually went to beta before the desktop version did because the team was concerned about nailing down performance on as many Android devices as they could.

Firefox 14 for Android is also notable for its inclusion of Flash support, a move that may seem a bit puzzling considering the group’s focus on open web standards like HTML5. The Android version is now ready to download, and Mozilla appears to have placed as much emphasis on user privacy and security in the app as it always has with its main app, that’s the most important feature on any browser.

Mozilla’s claims, pretty involved in creating a mobile app, Firefox for Android is hugely based on the desktop integration, thus supports HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and you own web standards. Mozilla’s behind-the-scenes efforts in creating many of the newer HTML5 features – such as new APIs allowing devs to access a device’s camera or vibration, for example – truly set it apart from other browsers available.

The key feature that include in the newer Firefox version is “do not track” option (off by default); a master password to protect saved web credentials; an add-on library of extensions; Firefox Sync with the desktop browser, faves pages as PDFs, improved HTML5 support and GPU-accelerated graphics rendering, to name some.

The major part for existing Firefox users is the bookmark syncing Firefox Sync feature still allows users to access bookmarks, browser histories, saved passwords, and tabs stored on different devices.

What do you think about the Firefox 14 for Android? Mozilla is really doing their part to contribute to a better web?

Download Firefox for Android [Google Play link]