Firefox 22 Released With Support Of 3D Gaming, Video Calls And File Sharing – Download Now!

Mozilla has today rolled out the version 22 of the new Firefox browser, which incorporates to speed up JavaScript dramatically, along with the Web Real-Time Communications support – The WebRTC for video calls. Firefox 22 includes a number of other features, details can be checked after the break.

The Mozilla’s new version of Firefox brings support for 3D gaming and asm.js, a ‘supercharged’ subset of the JavaScript language, powered using OdinMonkey – an optimization module. The WebRTC on Firefox 22 adds support for video calling in web apps, and the browser is currently designed 1-to-1 calls, with conference calls as well.


Using Firefox 22 on your desktop and mobile operating system, users can share files directly using only their browsers. This is somewhat called Mozilla enables browser-based file-sharing on the new Firefox browser. It could enable features like drag-and-drop transfers to mobile devices, or automatic file sync without installing any additional software.

Today’s stable version of Firefox 22 for Windows, Mac OS X, Lunux and Android includes a variety of back-end technical updates and minor tweaks, like the (word-wrapping of plain text files is one of best one).

Mozilla’s newly released web browser includes the support for 3D gaming, video calls, and file sharing, affording developers enhanced compatibility with less requirement for plugins/add-ons/entensions and other unnecessary third-party installations. Firefox is pretty much in the here and now.

firefox 22 androidIn real terms, WebRTC enables features such as videochat, VoIP calling, and peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing, all within the browser. According to the report in changelog, the Firefox on Android doesn’t include WebRTC or asm.js support just yet.

Firefox 22 download is now available from: and also, Android version of the app has also been bumped up to version 22, can be grabbed from Google Play Store. Firefox can be installed on almost any Android smartphone or handset.