Feedly Adds 500,000 New Google Reader Users In 48 Hours

Register or feed your mind about this new report that Google Reader will be no more available in the coming days, means shutting down its Reader app. Now that, everyone looking for a replacement or best alternative to Google Reader app to get their feeds. How? Then comes a new aggregating site called Feedly, which claims it would try to clone the Google Reader API called Normandy.

With that announcement, Freedly has resulted in 500,000 new subscrbers in just 48 hours. The app is now available as a free app in Apple’s App Store. Freedly is an RSS reader that says Google’s decision to drop Reader service saw 500,000 users migrate to its service in fouty eight hours of time. In order to keep the Freedly service up, they have 10x bandwidth and added new servers, and also declared the following three items in the list, which would be be the “main priorities over the next 30 days”:

  1. To keep the service up
  2. Listen to new users for suggestions and
  3. Add features weekly.


Feedly’s goal are for the next thirty days, which are keeping up with all pf the new subscribers, listening to new members for suggestions and to add new features weekly. On July 1st, Google Reader will expire, if Google Readers switch to Feedly before it’s shutdown, users will be able to seamlessly transition to Feedly. Means, Google’s loss is purely Feedly’s gain!

To keep in touch with your favorite sites, blogs, RSS Feeds and Google Reader friends, Feedly is yet another alternative way to browse the content of your chosen sites you love and deliver them as fast mobile-optimized experience.

Feedly for Android smartphones and tablet would be act as a RSS news reader, which makes browsing faster, which can then transformed into pocket-sized cards and more. When you run Feedly on a phone like iPhone and on a slate like iPad, the configuration will automatically syncs between both devices.

While Feedly also offers two way sync with Google Reader; articles you read in feedly are automatically marked as read in the G-Reader, starred as well. RSS feeds you add to feedly are added directly to Google Reader automatically.

Sharing content using Feedly on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is pretty simple, either directly or using buffer you will be able to share them.

Feedly is also available as an add-on pack for Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browser, alongside downloadable on Android and iOS devices too.

Download Links provided below:


Feedly for iOS
Feedly for Android
Feedly for Chrome
Feedly for Firefox
Feedly for Safari