FarmVille 2 For Facebook Launched, Takes Farming And Harvesting To A Whole New Level

The most popular mobile games of the modern days would be the Angry Birds and The Temple Run, and talked about FarmVille is one of the best social gaming made possible by the likes of Facebook. FarmVille is that play that brought the social network to the top position, and not only that many of those registered users were addicted to that game earlier, and have witnessed growing men discussing their virtual farms in Starbucks, and for those who’ve just finished harvesting their farms on the original edition of FarmVille, you’ll be pleased to know the second edition of FarmVille 2 has just arrived.

Zynga’s FarmVille will be proud to be a runaway hit when it first launched back in 2009, and after three years later millions of faux-farmers still habitually tend to their digital crops every day. If you’re one of those very few people who ever heard about FarmVille, then the information goes this way. In order the game allows you to turn your farm; tending to land, planting crops for harvest, and looking after animals, birds and all the wanted farm stuff. You move up levels as you do a good job, and to add a neat social aspect to proceedings, users can also add neighbors, even though they aren’t your Facebook friends.

Zynga is the one who brought the title to the social network, and now with am lot of improvements 2nd title back for second innings game. Far from merely adding a couple of aesthetic improvements that happens all-too often with sequels, Zynga has really put some work into making the FarmVille experience even more rich and exciting for its army of farmers. The company has bolted on new features and locales over the years, but even after all that FarmVille’s core remained largely the same and has finally unleashed that follow-up — FarmVille 2 — to the masses.

Once started the game, now players are greeted with a postcard from a childhood friend imploring them to return to the familiy farm and restore it to its former rejoice. No surprise to hear that the only way to accomplish that feat is to plant crops, till fields, and breed animals until your fingers get sore.

Amongst the other considerable features would be graphical updates, there’s a 3D Camera, which utilizes the power of Flash 11 to give FarmVille 2 a nice, three-dimensional perspective. The game’s development team leaned heavily on Adobe’s Flash 11 and its Stage 3D APIs to overhaul FarmVille’s looks.

According to Zynga VP of Games Tim LeTourneau, the sequel’s goals extend beyond attracting new players — it’s also meant to reignite the latent desires of FarmVille players who have “moved on from the game.” Apparently, the window for getting players of any stripe to stick around can be a pretty small one.

“If we can’t get [the users] engaged in 60 seconds to two minutes,” he said. “We haven’t done our jobs right.”

The biggest changes to the game’s mechanics is crafting — players can harvest component materials and ingredients and combine them to create food and items that can be sold at their roadside stand. Whereas the game controls have also been streamlined a bit in an effort to reduce incessant clicking, users can now use a wsweeping “painting” motion to water crops and plants seeds without having to wear out the ol’ index finger, as well right click (!) to rearrange the decor.

One of the most important things to note about FarmVille 2 is how Zynga plans to transition its userbase from the original to its successor. Only time will tell whether FarmVille 2 reaches the same sort of heights that its forebear did earlier. There are still many more other enhancements in Farmville 2, Zynga has promised to keep bringing new content and original features to the first iteration.

FarmVille 2 is now live on Facebook, go right now and start harvesting with the addictiveness. It’s a powerhouse, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!