Facebook v5.3 For iOS Rolls Out; Gets Slicker News Feed, Multiple Photo Uploading And Better Timeline On iPhone

Not that long ago, it was considered cool to register the Facebook for iOS app. Mark Zuckerberg’s team had managed to fetch up its user base, but despite boasting the largest social network on the planet, could not mastered the analogously simple task of delivering a functional app. Apart this, when version 5.0 came along, things has apparently changed dramatically for the better greetings to a complete re-write using native code, and since, the hundreds of millions using Facebook on Apple’s iOS ecosystem have been able to experience the service with comparatively few seam. Today, version 5.3 has been released, and brings the much-awaited improved News Feed and image uploading, iPhone users will also notice that the revamped Timeline has also been worked on.

Currently, social networking is on the top-to-fly, speed is the key, and it’s an honer Facebook has certainly headed over the past few months. This latest release is once again faster, smoother and of course more plaesing to use, especially if you’re regularly checking for updates on your News Feed or uploading images.

As per the official change log over on the iTunes page:

You can now choose an album when uploading photos
    • News feed loads more quickly
    • Completely rebuilt timeline opens faster on your iPhone

In fact there are huge majority of mobile users enjoying the Facebook app on iOS are doing so on the iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, an improved Timeline is arguably the showpiece of this particular update.

facebookios-6 facebookiphone

It’s rolling out and available for download, the new release is the very best mobile version of Facebook released on iOS to date. Toting with an iPhone, iPad or iPid touch, please head over, check the link provided below this post.

fbios fbios6
Don’t worry if you’re an user running Google’s Android, the official Facebook App has also been bumped to version 2.2, and poses like its iOS-counterpart – it’s great deal faster than the previous version. Downloadable from here on Play Store.

(Source: Facebook for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on App Store)