Facebook Phone Running FB OS Could Be Announced On Januaray 15, As Reported!

Tuesday is the day when Facebook has invited members of the press to a special phone debut event at its corporate headquarters in Mento Park, as sheduled for January 15 is once again fueling rumors that the social networking giant plans to unveil some kind of mobile hardware, the Facebook phone. The rumor regarding the potential existence of a Facebook smart device that just won’t go away actually seem to have any merit?  Thanks to an event being held by the company and the overheard murmurings of words like “mobile” and “this is going to be a big deal”. There are number of different sources expecting Facebook to show off a mobile device this coming Tuesday, in one form or another.

The speculation has ranged from a new Frank Gehry-designed engineering building to plans for a Facebook-branded smartphone, all based on the company’s invitation to reporters, which teased: “Come see what we’re building.” Several analysts who follow the company are discounting the smartphone rumours and say it’s more likely Facebook will unveil a new consumer-oriented mobile service — perhaps a search engine that would combine friends’ suggestions and other information, which would be a major challenge to Facebook’s much larger rival, Google. Facebook isn’t commenting on this news yet!


When talking about Facebook – on one hand they have over one billion active global members, a large portion of which include being active on the social network in their day-to-day activities. Secondly, a whole lot of people seem to be growing frustrated with the site and want nothing to do with it. A custom Facebook mobile offering of sorts could eventually revamp things, but we still dont know what we could be actually getting on Tuesday (JAN. 15).


It’s not entirely clear if this will be an actual piece of Facebook branded hardware or if they will simply use hardware from a phone maker, while according to the past speculation toward the back end of 2012 that suggest Taiwan based HTC were in the process of producing a Facebook branded smartphone that would be dedicated to running the social network. Till now, we haven’t seen and kind of hardware leak or a potential for that to happen but considering the nature of the business and the interest surrounding such a device. The alternative is of course that Facebook won’t be introducing any branded hardware on Tuesday and that the event will focus on a Facebook OS of sorts.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said Facebook’s mobile platform is his top priority, as research shows a majority of the network’s one billion active members use Facebook on their smartphones and tablets. Since the new year began, Facebook shares have risen above $US30 for the first six months, which the stock might return to the level of its $30 initial public offering price in 2013. The raise continued last week after Facebook announced Tuesday’s event.


The prospect of Facebook announcing its own smartphone — has fuelled a wave of breathless posts on tech blogs. Facebook reportedly has explored the idea of building its own smartphone or mobile operating system in the past, as a way to compete with the leading mobile platforms built by Apple and Google Android. If the latter is true then we could see a custom-built mobile operating system that we imagine would be of a similar ilk as Firefox OS.

Such option would of course seem to make sense in the immediate future as it would allow Facebook to run their own operating system on a number of devices from varying manufacturers rather than place all of their elements in one basket with their own hardware.


What Facebook will officially announce on Tuesday? Now, it should be extremely interesting announcement on January 15th, 2013. Stay tuned with you Phones!