Facebook Messenger For iPhone And Android Updated, Features Smilies, Likes, Hearts And Emoji Suppprt

Message from Facebook, just over a day after upgrading its official iOS client with serious speed improvements and performance, now they have taken a step ahead and announced an updated Facebook Messenger with a number of features that any active user have been expected this soon. Considering Facebook could be forgiven for going into the weekend expecting to have a sweet time with the amount of effort that has been expanded by the company in the last couple of days by pushing out updates to their advanced mobile software. Both iOS and Android users have been benefited from the updates the worlds largest social network offered.

With the new version of Facebook for Android that brings the most wanted image handling and closer control of the creation of event creations through mobile. Quickly followed after the release of Facebook 5.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Android update gets more efficient features of all time, likes with the company refrained from giving the app a lick of paint, instead choosing to mkake minimal changes to the user-interface and focusing on rebuilding the app from the ground up to the unique native experience with massive speed and reliability performances. With that in mind, Facebook has now updated their standalone Facebook Messenger mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Whereas Facebook Messenger is the popular social networking site’s standalone messaging app optimized for iPhone. It lets you send messages to a selected group of Facebook friends or start a private conversation with just one.

This time the company gone down the path of equality and chosen to be best to both iOS and Android users with Facebook Messenger, which now gets an huge update on both platforms. In fact, the Messenger updated, Facebook thrown out additional support for the use of emoticons and Emoji type images, so that users can add some smiles, loving, heart emoticons to the outgoing messages. Through those updates, such useful enhancements as read receipts and in-app notifications were introduced to the app.

Although the Messenger and official app are two separate entities, it seems Facebook is bringing a more unified experience across the two offerings with users now being able to tap on a friend’s name in the Messenger app to quickly invoke the main app and view their timeline. Additionally this update brings a little more functionality to the Messenger app. A new function to see whether or not a friend is currently active in chat, meaning that if someone ignores you when you say hi, you can easily find out if they were ignoring you or just not available for chat. Facebook also rumored that it will be pushing out an a big update to the Facebook Android app in future soon, times are good in Palo Alto.

Note: Aside from bringing the obligatory bug fixes and an improved “new message” sound, the new version of Facebook Messenger delivers several new features. Facebook Messenger now supports the insertion of smileys, hearts, and other emoji in messages in FB Timeline. Just tap the plus button to access the app’s collection of special symbols.