Facebook Messenger For iPhone And Android Brings Free Calls To Friends, Voice Messages And More

Facebook has started it’s FB Messenger as an MSN-style instant-messaging service, but however grabs its place in a service complete with its pretty own app. Facebook has just updated its Messenger app for iPhone and Android with VoIP calling ability. When it broke away from the official Facebook mobile app, some discussed about two separate entities, but the Mark Zuck and his team men have continued to diagnose great features, it has become very clear that Messenger is worthy enough in its own identity. Today, the popular Facebook’s Messenger app for iOS and Android have been upgraded with even more fairies, such as thee ability to send out voice messages, along with call friends free of charge.

Facebook today began testing a new feature in its Messenger app that lets Candian users call each other for free anywhere they have WiFi or cellular data connection available. Every degree of our technological compass has been affected by the boom in smartphone and tablet adoption, while instant messaging was once a pretty cut-and-dried affair consisting of text, images, and the optional video or audio clips, we’re now at a stage whereby video and voice calling are also seen as a given.


The new version 2.1 of Facebook Messenger is now available for free download over at Apple’s iOS App Store and Google’s Android Play Store. Lets you record short voice messages for your friends, up to a minute of time limit. In that spirit, Facebook Messenger is quite the jack-of-all-trades, and when you consider its pre-existing abilities to group chat, send convenient messages, smilies, and even your location, there‚Äôs not really much missing.

Being an Facebook mobile application user can gain access by just updating this new feature automatically and take full advantage of the most popular social networking giant’s inclusion. With the new Facebook Messenger, you can now place voice calls to your Facebook contacts free of cost. It looks like Facebook, which some folks though would buy WhatsApp, is adamant to turn the Messenger app into a unified messaging solution.

Facebok-Messenger-for-iOS-2.0-iPhone Facebok-Messenger-for-iOS-Android

The release is noted in the change log as the feature allowing users to “Call friends for free right from Messenger.” But as demonstrated by the asterisk at the end of that particular note, which rather delightedly adds that free calling uses your existing data plan. This particular feature will begin rolling out during the course of the next week onwards, and would of course seem to tap into a Skype’s territory just a little.

Those outside Canada will today receive an update on both Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS that lets users send each other short “push to talk” voice messages (pictured). You can grab Facebook Messenger 2.1 right now via the App Store or Play Store link provided below. Absolutely free, with an array of bug fixes also throun into the mixer. It’s about 11MB in size, and requires you to be running iOS 4.3 or above.

However, you’ve been able to make free Skype, Vonage, or Viber calls over Wi-Fi and cellular data for some time, but far more people use Facebook than any of those services. Plus, Facebook Messenger has consistently hovered near the top of the App Stores to play.


(Source: Facebook Messenger on App Store and Play Store)