Facebook Acquires Face.com Site With Its Face-Recognition Technologies

With their pockets completely filled with customers and having a great success in the social network market, Facebook has now become a fully- fledged company. Having Instagram and opera fully secured in the bank the very much rumored Face.com is now a official one.

In the starting when it was first released most of the people thought that Facebook was an over-valued and it was a big controversy, but thanks to mark Zuckerberg with his hard work and affords that he made, really impressed the shareholders. With this affords there are now more number of purchasers for the site of Face.com and Facebook is very happy about that and it is more happier because of the newly included impressive facial recognition technologies which has got updated.

The biggest success for the Facebook users is the Face.com’s  auto-tagging suggestions facility which is now already utilized by over 900 millions of users worldwide and zuck is the luckiest guy because it was his idea. As per the sources from AllThingsD, with the increasing number of purchasers it has declared that Facebook has got “a world class team and a long-time technology”.

With the increase in the number of buyers Facebook’s aim is to give a good look for it’s mobile apps. There is no doubt that Instagram is still the leader when it comes to pure image sharing, Facebook has to still make some makeovers in this point. As per the Analysts Facebook is till now considered has a weakness in the mobile market. Eventhough they have got Instagram and face.com in their pockets and also with Opera and some other lookings they are hoping to make it as their strength.

AS per the sources we have come to know that it has made a deal of over 100 million and expected more when the purchase is completely closed.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is making a fortune with its increase in the large number of users using their smartphones and tablets to log on to Facebook. I think the next few moves are going to be crucial. The next few months would be interesting to see more number of users using Facebook from desktop, but i think they will be using from their mobiles, if this happens we have to see the company’s response.