Facebook 5.0 For iPhone And iPad Released, Brings Speed Enhancements And Drops HTML5 For iOS

Whereas Facebook is the largest social network in the world considering over 900 million registered members, being an iPhone or iPad owner and a huge Facebook user, you have been noticing that the Facebook app has been slow, and who has accessed their account through the iOS app will know that the experience is less than satisfactory, something that we know occurs due to the app being built for rollout across multiple platforms.

Here are some of those difficulties that faced with iOS Facebook users experience was the total failure and took time to get to a friend’s profile, see updates on your newsfeed, see comments and photos. You get used to tapping your fingers. to load any data within the UIWebView control that it was built around, messages appearing and disappearing at will, total crashing of the app and also the very annoying notification functionality that seemed to decide itself when it wanted to work or not.

In order to get rid of those Facebook has now changed it. Thankfully, Facebook iOS users will no longer need to suffer the humiliation of not being able to update their status efficiently or organize their latest event through the app, Facebook releases the version 5.0, which finally and of course officially landed into the App Store and brings a truly native Facebook experience to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


The newly released Facebook 5.0 for iOS, which promises to be twice as fast as the previous version. Facebook says it will be faster to launch, faster when scrolling through the newsfeed and opening photos. According to the Palo Alto company, the new app has effectively been started from scratch and reconstructed from the ground up to be a streamlined Objective-C creation that will provide the best possible, lightning-fast experience to the large portion of users who access their accounts through mobile.

Facebook with its latest update of v5.0 for iOS devices would be the largest improvements that comes from getting rid of the scaled web-view, instead building the app as it should have been from day one by using the tried and tested controls supplied by Apple as part of the official SDK. Users can now immediately notice the smmothness that comes attached when scrolling as opposed to the rather frustrating and choppy experience that seen in the previous one.

Pointing the iPad users who gets a big treat, with the new Facebook 5.0 app for iOS now features Timeline for iPad account members. It’s actually worth celebrating a release that brings a positive user-experience for members of the social network. A few more notable improvements to version 5.0 FB iOS app also includes new style banner alerts that remove the need to keep refreshing the app as well as allowing instant access to notifications. Grab this right now, or never from the App Store and check the new version features yourself.

Download Facebook for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [iTunes link]